International Music Video Dispute Comes to a Close, Japanese Band Apologizes for “Rip-Off”

The music industry is full of allegations of plagiarism.  Melodies and samples used intentionally or accidentally can land artists in a heap of trouble. One such case broke out last night between two bands — one Japanese and one Australian — not over the music but their nearly identical music videos.

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Hair Stroking Headphones Escalate Japanese University Robotic Girlfriend Simulation Race

The Japanese engineering and academia circles were rocked this week by the emergence of the Riaju Coat (Fulfillment Coat), a robotic coat which provides a slightly less virtual girlfriend experience from that of dating sim games.

Now it appears this development has sparked a girlfriend simulation tech race with rival universities.

Nadeju Headphones (Stroking Fulfillment Headphones) were developed by an ambitious team at Maizuru National College of Technology (MNCT) to simulate the feeling a girl stroking your head.

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Through the Predictability of Television Watch a Girl Seamlessly Age Four Years in 30 Seconds!

Cooking Idol Ai! Mai! Main! was a beloved weekday children’s program that combined anime and live action to entertain and educate children about cooking and nutrition. Its star, Haruka Fukuhara, played the lead role of Main-chan and for the show’s four-year run stood as a paragon of kawaii (cute) on Japanese TV.

However, as of 29 March Cooking Idol Ai! Mai! Main! was taken off the air much to the dismay of thousands of fans. One fan responded to this by uploading a pseudo time-lapse 30-second video to YouTube showing Ms. Fukuhara age from 10 years old in 2009 to the 14-year-old she is now.

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Chinese Motorists Undergoing Extreme Lucky Streak

Recently in China motorists have been walking away from accidents which would normally prove fatal. In the following two videos we will see a person riding a scooter get broadsided by a car and a huge pole crash through the windshield and into the driver’s seat of a bus. In each incidence of freakish luck both drivers appear visibly shaken neither looked seriously injured.

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Japanese Students Create Robotic “Fulfillment Coat” Which Simulates Hugs from Behind

Japanese video sharing site NicoNico every once in a while holds a new invention that captures the imagination. Who could forget the auto targeting waste basket or the robot hand that can work a calculator?

The field of robotics has taken another leap with the development of a robot which gives mankind what all machines should: hugs!

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Anime Music Video Encourages the World to Continue Dreaming About Japan

Many people around the world are captivated by the images they see in anime, movies, and (hopefully) wonderfully silly Internet sites like our own, but for some, visiting the land of matcha and Hatsune Miku is nothing but a distant dream. However, unlike most dreamers, YouTube user, TheAinioHinaki, turned his aspirations of traveling to Japan into a breathtaking video.

With nearly 300,000 views in two weeks, “Our Dreamland – Japan,” features scenes from popular anime such as K-on! and Cowboy Bebop intertwined with actual footage of people and places in Japan. It’s enough to make you want to hop the next plane to Tokyo.

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Man in Singapore Chews Your Face Into a Lollipop

A pretty fascinating video has been making the rounds on the Web today. In it, you see an older man, a so-called “lollipop street artist”, in Singapore’s Chinatown furiously gnawing on a lollipop while staring intently at a young tourist sitting opposite him. He’s not being a creeper, though, he’s creating a portrait in candy! Read More

“I want to kill them!” Shocking Video of Young Japanese Girl Giving Anti-Korean Speech Appears Online

In a video uploaded to YouTube yesterday, a young Japanese girl gives a harrowing speech on the streets of Tsuruhashi, Osaka, in which she openly expresses her hatred of Koreans. Amid cheers of support from members of her own group, the girl goes on to state her desire to kill the “piece of crap” Koreans living in the area, threatening a repeat of the Nanking Massacre in response to the Koreans’ “arrogance”.

The full, shocking video after the jump.

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Young Man Beats the Hell out of Demon Mode Taiko No Tatsujin, Possibly Some Onlookers as Well

Walk into any amusement center with video game cabinets and you’re bound to run into a Taiko No Tatsujin machine, almost always with people young and old whacking away at it.

It’s a taiko (traditional Japanese drum) simulator rhythm game where you play J-Pop, classical or video game theme songs in the medium of taiko by hitting the drum in time with the various symbols that scroll by.

But for one guy playing at the Oni (demon) level of difficulty, it’s a brutal yet beautiful assault on the drums leaving spectators dazzled as they watched from a safe distance of about three meters.

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Japanese Man Confirms the Blindingly Obvious: Mouth Ulcers and Lemon Juice Do Not Mix

As well as providing you with entertainment and up-to-the-minute news, we at RocketNews24 feel that it is also our responsibility to provide our readers with vital tips for physical well-being and emotional happiness. It’s for this reason that, on this fine Friday as we inch ever closer to the moment that we exchange our computer screens for a nice big plate of fried gyoza dumplings and an ice-cold beer, we bring you this video courtesy of our friends at Niconico.

Although the outcome is about as surprising as what happens when you tell your dog not to eat a birthday cake while you’re out of the room, this video serves as a reminder of the stupidity of our fellow man and that open wounds and citric acid do not go well together.

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There’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Hentai Kamen.

Just two weeks prior to the release of his own movie, the “perverted mask” renegade that is Hentai Kamen has been sighted in a special ad intended to crack down on inconsiderate cinema patrons who use their mobile phones, put their feet up on the seats in front of them or sneakily record the movie with video cameras.

Of course, this being Hentai Kamen, justice comes in usual forms as we see three unsavoury moviegoers get their just deserts, pervert style.

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Wow Guests at Your Next Party with 50 Egg Yolks Straight from the Rice Cooker

Here at RocketNews24 we are no strangers to excessive consumption of ordinary foodstuffs. We even once constructed a bowl of gyudon with 10 raw eggs on top.

Still, we have to doff our caps to this gent who dreamed a dream and successfully cooked 50 egg yolks in a rice cooker.  We say “successfully” because the end result actually looks pretty good – if not lethal.

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Public Service Announcement: This is Not the Correct Way to Play Castanets 【Video】

Well now here’s something you don’t see every day. There are plenty of videos out there on the Internet of people playing the piano or picking at guitar strings with their feet, but we think this is the first time we’ve ever seen someone keep time with just their posterior and a couple of hardwood shells.

Courtesy of our friends at Niconico, the following video is at once a display of muscular dexterity and a lesson to us all to stay in school. It’s entirely stupid and definitely a little vulgar but, well, it’s Friday isn’t it?

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One Tool, A Million Uses: Chinese Army’s Fantastic “All-Purpose Shovel” 【Video】

Ordinarily, we wouldn’t even bother burning the calories required to click the link when presented with a video titled “Chinese Military Shovel” (especially when it means risking seeing that god-awful Gundam pachinko ad again). But after being recommended it by our Japanese sister site RocketNews24 Japan, we sat down to watch a demonstration of how China’s bravest men make the most of a tool that few of us would think of using for anything more than digging a hole in the ground or patting the tops of sandcastles flat with.

As it turns out, this is one handy little tool to have, with the Chinese military demonstrating some 24 different uses for it in this peculiar video. And we thought Swiss Army knives were versatile…

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Pool Season is Just Around the… Dear God! Someone Help Them!

It looks like winter is behind us in Japan now and we can soon look forward to taking a dip outdoors. However, it looks as if these people jumped the gun by a month or so and took the plunge early… with all their clothes on… carrying bags and sinking to the bottom like a stone…

What on earth is going on here?

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Human Spambot: Turning Junkmail Delivery into a Martial Art 【Video】

Ever wondered who those cheeky elves are who slip pizza menus, coupons and ads for home delivery sexy times in your mailbox or through your door while you’re out? They’re in and out in a flash, usually lugging enormous stacks of paper with them, searching for slots to post material like a mother bird on a caffeine high feeding her young. Little did we know, though, that there are people out there in this crazy world we live in who have delivered so many pamphlets in their time that they’re positively black belts in the secret art of putting things into holes.

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Spanish Commercial Attempts the Impossible and Creates Live Action Doraemon… We Think

In animation usually the most enduring characters are the ones with the simplest designs. Mickey Mouse, The Simpsons and Astro Boy can all be doodled with a minimal amount of artistic talent.

Japan’s premier cartoon Doraemon is no exception. With just a few circles and lines you can perfectly recreate everyone’s favorite robot cat. However, bringing Doraemon’s form into the realm of real life is a daunting task.

A commercial for Spain’s Nocilla (chocolate/hazelnut spread a la Nutella) has thrown its hat into the ring by releasing a cute but seemingly low-budget depiction of Doraemon.

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Gundam Pachinko Ad Slowly Driving Japan’s YouTube Users Insane

Just last week, after having sat through it for possibly the tenth time in just a couple of hours, I took a screen grab of an unskippable YouTube ad and shared it on my personal Facebook feed. Whether it’s the theme tune, the overly dramatic presenter’s way of speaking or the fact that I care nothing for pachinko, I don’t know, but this ad was slowly driving me mad. As it turns out, I wasn’t alone.

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Domino’s Pizza Japan Teams Up with Hatsune Miku, Releases Fantastic Cringeworthy Video

Domino’s Pizza stepped things up a gear yesterday when it announced that it is partnering with digital pop idol Hatsune Miku for its latest promotional campaign. As well as allowing them to order pizzas without actually having to speak to anyone, the new Domino’s Pizza feat. Hatsune Miku app for iPhone lets customers enjoy private performances from the singing humanoid by pointing the iPhone’s camera at special app-friendly pizza boxes.

Perhaps even better than the campaign itself, though, is the cheesy video that Domino’s launched yesterday to introduce the app, which features company president Scott Oellkers doing his best to look excited about having his photo taken with the teal-haired star. Corporate enthusiasm aplenty after the break.

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Korean Delivery Guy Shows Us His Supernatural Powers 【Video】

Delivering flyers, brochures and leaflets in winter is no fun. It’s cold, windy, you get barked at or chased by dogs and the pay is bad. If only there were a way to cruise by, fling your wares and be off in the blink of an eye, safe in the knowledge that they won’t blow away or sit on the ground waiting to be stepped on or soaked through by the rain and snow…

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