Are You Jealous of Raf’s Perfect Girlfriend?

On the coast, overlooking the gently rolling sea, it’s the perfect place for a romantic date with your loving girlfriend… Read More

This Blue Beer Looks Like it Came from Alcoholic Willy Wonka’s Factory

The Abashiri Brewery in Hokkaido which, judging by its website, really is some kind of beer-themed Willy Wonka side project, boasts what may be the world’s first naturally blue beer.

Always ready to get drunk for the sake of our readers, RocketNews24 took it upon ourselves to investigate this mystifying beer anomaly, appropriately named the Ryuhyou Draft (“Ice Floe Draft”), at a beachside pub. Read More

Japanese Performance Artist’s Balancing Act More Nerve-Wracking Than a Game of Jenga

Watching Japanese performance artist Miyoko Shida’s physics-defying balancing act is a more intense experience than your closest game of Jenga, guaranteed. At Rocketnews24, a lot of our writers have trouble just walking straight, so trying to imagine the coordination and concentration required to put on a show like this makes our heads hurt.

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Group of Foreigners See Gunma Cycle Sports Center in a Whole New Light

Some of you may remember our report on Shigenobu Matsuzawa’s visit to Gunma Cycle Sports Center a few months back.  It’s the amusement park where everything has pedals including the roller coaster. While Shigenobu ultimately gave the place four out of five stars in his reviews, the photos he took looked kind of depressing.  However, now a video released on YouTube seems to have captured a totally new angle of Gunma Cycle Sports Center which gives it a much needed image boost.

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Green Day Vocalist Compares Psy to Herpes Infection, Psy Unsure if That’s a Good or Bad Thing

Looks like Green Day’s frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong, needs to add anger issues to his growing list of ailments requiring rehab. Armstrong was apparently infuriated by the success of Korean pop star, Psy, and his record breaking sensation, Gangnam Style, which made its rounds while Armstrong was serving a stint in a clinic for alcohol and prescription pill abuse. The rocker experienced a “flareup” of sorts at the news that Psy’s epic follow-up, Gentleman, was racking up similar praise.

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Three Years After his Tragic Death, World Continues to Mourn Michael

As most people flock to the high production values of American television programs, the subtle nuances of British dramas, or the addictiveness of Korean programs, Taiwanese television shows are often sorely overlooked. Still, after nearly three years from its first airing we continue to be haunted by a television moment so poignant that it has captured not only the nation’s audience but the world’s.

I’m talking, of course, about the truck accident that claimed the life of Michael from the series Night Market Life. Achieving well over one million views on YouTube, people keep coming back to relieve that fateful day.

Let us watch and remember.  Michael would have wanted it that way.

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So, Carbonated Black Coffee in a Bottle is Apparently a Thing Now

Remember Espressoda? Neither did we until a recent news release from Suntory reminded us.

Suntory’s innovative carbonated coffee drink hit the market under a year ago, and a quick search around town by yours truly revealed that, at time of writing, convenience stores are no longer carrying the item, ostensibly suggesting it was a commercial flop.

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Two Boys in the Philippines Wow the World with Cover of R&B Classic

The two boys seen above are Aldrich Lloyd Taloding and James Walter Bucong from the Philippines.  Their video having been uploaded to YouTube about a week ago is already nearing one million views and comments such as “Freaking beautiful!” and “I got goosebumps.”

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Hyundai Ad Uses Suicide to Promote New Car, Causes Outrage and Sadness in the UK

As much as we might bemoan their very existence when they interrupt our favourite TV shows or appear ad nauseam prior to YouTube clips, when done well ads can be genuinely entertaining. With each shot written, debated, edited and otherwise laboured over sometimes for hundreds of hours, successful ads become pop culture in their own right and are often of higher quality than the shows whose commercial crevices they are stuffed into.

An ad recently aired in the UK, however, become a talking point for all the wrong reasons when it depicted a man trying to kill himself by breathing in the exhaust fumes produced by what transpires to be a particularly environmentally friendly type of vehicle: Hyundai’s iX35.

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Procrastination is the Mother of Invention: College Student Invents Kinect “Boob Tracker”

While most male college students put off homework assignments by looking at boobs on the Internet, one enterprising computer programming student decided to procrastinate by inventing an ingenious program that tracks and hides them with Kinect-enabled gestures.

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Home Run Girl Video a Hit on YouTube, Scores of Guys Wish they Were Stuffed Animals

Recently a video titled Where is Dobayashi’s Ball Going… Home Run Girl Stares as She Waits Her Turn was uploaded onto the official YouTube channel for Nippon Professional Baseball’s Central League.  Within days it became the most watched video on the channel with 286,249 views and counting. The reason why this video of a failed home run became so popular is clear from the image above.

However, you might be wondering what this stunningly beautiful woman is doing in full uniform clutching a doll of what appears to be the Phillie Phanatic and intensely staring at player, Shota Dobayashi.

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Japanese TED Speaker Turns Yo-yo Performance into a Martial Art, Receives Standing Ovation

The TED (Technology Education and Design) website is easily one of my most favourite places in the entire digital world. With talks from industry experts, innovative thinkers and creative individuals with something valuable to say, I’ve lost hundreds of hours on the site watching presentations and listening to talks, absorbing knowledge and expanding my view of the world, galaxy, universe.

Filmed in February this year at a TED conference in Long Beach, California, the following video sees a young man by the name of Black take to the stage dressed like a cross between a ninja and a rock star. After telling the story of how he first picked up a yo-yo and struggled to perform even the simplest of tricks, he goes on to talk about how mastering this simple toy gave him the confidence he always lacked. As if more proof were needed having already seen him calmly address thousands of spectators in English, Black then launches into a yo-yo routine that left us completely open-mouthed.

The full video after the jump.

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Ding, Dong, Boom: Giant Temple Bell Falls on Chinese Tourist, Traps Him Inside

John? John, are you okay? Give me one bong for yes, two bongs for no.

In an accident that’s so implausible it’s almost comical, a Chinese tourist became trapped under an enormous two-ton bell at a temple in Shandong, China late last week when the bell’s supports broke while he was standing beneath it. Unable to move the gigantic copper object, he and his friends were left with nothing to do but wait for a rescue team to come and release him from his ornate prison.

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Smoke and Mirrors: From Dude to Dame in Five Minutes【Video】

She’s not really my type, but few would deny that this is one good-looking girl. Sparkling eyes, clear skin, soft lips… And yet there’s something I can’t quite put my finger on here. Something gnawing away at my subconscious making me feel uncomfortable. Could it be… because this is actually a boy in a wig and layers of makeup?

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International Music Video Dispute Comes to a Close, Japanese Band Apologizes for “Rip-Off”

The music industry is full of allegations of plagiarism.  Melodies and samples used intentionally or accidentally can land artists in a heap of trouble. One such case broke out last night between two bands — one Japanese and one Australian — not over the music but their nearly identical music videos.

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Hair Stroking Headphones Escalate Japanese University Robotic Girlfriend Simulation Race

The Japanese engineering and academia circles were rocked this week by the emergence of the Riaju Coat (Fulfillment Coat), a robotic coat which provides a slightly less virtual girlfriend experience from that of dating sim games.

Now it appears this development has sparked a girlfriend simulation tech race with rival universities.

Nadeju Headphones (Stroking Fulfillment Headphones) were developed by an ambitious team at Maizuru National College of Technology (MNCT) to simulate the feeling a girl stroking your head.

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Through the Predictability of Television Watch a Girl Seamlessly Age Four Years in 30 Seconds!

Cooking Idol Ai! Mai! Main! was a beloved weekday children’s program that combined anime and live action to entertain and educate children about cooking and nutrition. Its star, Haruka Fukuhara, played the lead role of Main-chan and for the show’s four-year run stood as a paragon of kawaii (cute) on Japanese TV.

However, as of 29 March Cooking Idol Ai! Mai! Main! was taken off the air much to the dismay of thousands of fans. One fan responded to this by uploading a pseudo time-lapse 30-second video to YouTube showing Ms. Fukuhara age from 10 years old in 2009 to the 14-year-old she is now.

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Chinese Motorists Undergoing Extreme Lucky Streak

Recently in China motorists have been walking away from accidents which would normally prove fatal. In the following two videos we will see a person riding a scooter get broadsided by a car and a huge pole crash through the windshield and into the driver’s seat of a bus. In each incidence of freakish luck both drivers appear visibly shaken neither looked seriously injured.

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