Nintendo hid a secret message on the Switch’s Pro Controller

Gamers have been searching for secrets in Nintendo games for decades, but this time there’s one waiting for them on the hardware.

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Happy Pokémon Day! Pokémon GO celebrates with debut of special Party Pikachu

Party Pocket Monsters in the game!

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Downloadable content announced for new Legend of Zelda game before the game’s release

While some are excited about the prospect, others… not so much.

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11th annual Mister International contest crowns its most handsome winner【Photos】

Out of the 35 contestants, where does Japan place?

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Want to make sure your Eevee evolves into Umbreon or Espeon in the Pokémon GO update? Here’s how

Because some things in life, like Pokémon training, are too important to leave up to chance.

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Japanese Twitter seems to have no problems with Karlie Kloss’ “geisha” photo shoot

With the controversy over the model’s Vogue photos ongoing, has anyone bothered to check on how Japan feels?

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Publisher of some of Japan’s most popular anime suddenly restricts exports of its Blu-rays, DVDs

If you wanted to buy those Yuri!!! on Ice Blu-rays, you might be out of luck.

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Over 80 new Pocket Monsters being added to Pokémon GO this week【Video】

The Johto region is coming to Pokémon GO this week in the game’s biggest update yet.

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We try making demi-glace sauce with catsup and chocolate【RocketKitchen】

Cooking a special dinner? Try this crazy kitchen hack!

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The Disney/yakuza tattoo mashup you didn’t know you needed today

Talented Japanese dad proves once again that boredom is the mother of invention.

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Japan announces plans to take in 300 Syrian refugees over the next five years

Efforts will double the number of refugees taken in previously.

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Chinese stuntman sets Guinness record for fastest lap on Nurburgring using only two-wheels

It was also probably the slowest lap ever recorded on the notorious race track, but that’s understandable.

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Permanent residency in Japan now possible after just one year

The Justice Ministry’s new rules could cut your wait by years.

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Collection of Jackie Chan’s best freerunning scenes never stops being amazing 【Video】

In case you didn’t already know that Jackie Chan is a total badass.

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Sanrio releases new character: Aggretsuko, the white-collar red panda with anger issues

For some people, living an idyllic life of apples and cake is hard to relate to. For those people the makers of Hello Kitty bring you Aggretsuko.

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Happy New Year from RocketNews24!

Ordinarily, Japan has no problem working itself to the bone. That’s not the case at the start of the year, though, as the nation pauses to catch its breath and charge up for the months to come by visiting relatives, leisurely reading New Year’s cardseating osechi, and buying lucky bags.

While we at RocketNews24 like to think of ourselves as proficient multitaskers, even we’re not capable of getting much work done as we use both hands to stuff our faces with food or carry as many shopping bags as possible, and so we’ll be slowing down a bit as we take advantage of one of the few times Japan relaxes its hard-line stance against anything remotely resembling laziness. We hope you all get to do the same, regardless of where in the world you are.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to have even more great stuff for you whenever you visit our site in 2017!

Simple heart drawing test may help you tell someone’s age

Who knew those little doodles in your notebook could reveal so much about your generation?

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The fourth best place to visit in the world is…this neighborhood in Osaka?

We all know Osaka is great, but we didn’t know it would be this great.

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Merry Christmas from RocketNews24!

We’re not sure if we should thank Santa or Pikachu, but when we woke up this morning, our homes were filled with presents!

Christmas might work a little differently in Japan, but it’s still an occasion for sharing time and joy with loved ones, so you might be hearing from us a little less frequently over the next few days. Rest assured, though, that you’re all in our thoughts and we’ll be back to full speed shortly covering all things weird and wonderful from Japan and Asia.

In the meantime, whether this holiday season has brought you an eye-opening calendar, some captivating reading material, a chance at romance, or even just some nice, practical coal, all of us here at RocketNews24 wish you and yours the very best.

Tokyo ranked as most expensive city in the world for expats, three other Japanese towns in top 10

But the situation might not be as bad as it sounds.

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