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World’s First Smartphone Integrated Rice Cooker Revealed by Panasonic

If there are two pieces of technology that Japan loves more than anything, they’re smartphones and rice cookers.

Even still, we’re not quite sure it was necessary to go this far: Japanese consumer electronics maker Panasonic announced on March 15 that it has developed the world’s first smartphone integrated rice cooker.

Is that not just the most Japanese invention you’ve ever heard of?

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We Make Oreo Rice to Celebrate Oreo’s 100th Birthday, “Tastes Like Tiramisu in Risotto Form”

“America’s Favorite Cookie,” Oreo, is celebrating its 100th birthday this year and while the cookie may not be as popular in Japan as it is in its homeland, we here at RocketNews24 wanted to contribute to the festivities in a way that could represent the Japanese people’s love for Oreo.

As long-time readers may know, we enjoy experimenting with original recipes, and it wasn’t long before it struck us: what better way for us to honor “America’s Favorite Cookie” than by wedding it with Japan’s favorite food, rice.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to bring you Oreo Rice.

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