Stop the Press: Cats Are Hilarious in Slow Motion Too

Cats are the ninjas of the animal world. Their agility and strength allow them to perfom amazing acrobatic feats, nimbly twisting and turning their body in midair and always landing on their feet.

One Japanese cat owner had the brilliant idea of filming these ninja cat acrobats in slow motion and putting it on YouTube—you know, because there weren’t enough cat videos already.

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Actually, the subject is quite pertinent and the method of reporting isn’t quite fantastical or illogical. A group of doctors in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, conducted a survey of what people reported just before they passed away. The overall finding was that about 40% reported seeing their parents and other such deceased people before dying themselves. The subjects perceived them as coming to meet and escort them into the afterlife, resulting in a more comfortable transition into death. Read More

Hey Wait, These Aren’t Oreos! Chinese Netizens Angered by Good Deed Rewarded with Rip-Off Snack

If you’ve ever donated blood in Japan, you probably know that blood donors are often given tasty drinks and snacks as a kind of Thank-you gift for their good deed. Well, the same is apparently true in China. However, a snack received by one particular blood donor in China has caused considerable anger among Chinese internet users on Weibo, the Chinese version of twitter. Read More

“Almost Time to Change My Batteries!” Japanese Girl Takes Body Art to Strange New Levels

A quick look at the photo above and you might be quick to dismiss it as photoshopped. You wouldn’t be completely wrong: the arm in the picture has certainly been “edited”, just not digitally—this skin-embedded battery compartment is actually a piece of optical illusion body art by Japanese university student, “Chooo-san”.

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Smokers Find New Haven in Japan, But for a Price

It’s getting tougher to be a smoker in Japan. It was once a paradise for tobacco lovers, who were free to light up in workplaces, restaurants, bars, on the street, and pretty much any darn place they pleased. Add to that the low price of cigarettes and the ever-present vending machines, and you couldn’t swing a tanuki without hitting a smoker. In recent years, though, smoking has been banned on the streets and in offices, the taxes on tobacco have gone up, and more and more public spaces are going smoke free. The government even announced recently that they are launching a 10-year plan to cut the smoking rate nearly in half.

While this trend has tobacco companies shaking in their boots, one company has turned it into a golden business opportunity. For just 50 yen, Ippuku (roughly “a cig” in Japanese) offers smokers a comfortable, indoor place to take a 15-min smoke break. Read More

46 things that surprise foreigners in Japan

Japan is a weird, amazing, amusing and confusing place, and I’m not just talking about the maid cafes and pornographic manga. Even things that your average Japanese would consider completely commonplace and boring can be captivating for foreigners. After exhaustive research (well, some research anyway), Rocket News has compiled this list of 46 things visitors to Japan find surprising.

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Check Out a Topless Pic of This Top Model!

The model pictured here has appeared in numerous catwalk shows, including some for top designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs; ranked number 18 on’s Top 50; and was also ranked 98th in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World for 2011.

Normally we at RocketNews24 don’t display topless pictures in an effort to be all inclusive in our hard hitting reporting.  But for a new model of this caliber, we just have to throw half our readership a bone.

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Beautiful Creation by Japanese Architect! This Could Be your Dream Home – If You’re a Goldfish!

If you were a fish, wouldn’t you want to be able to swim around the world? Well, any fish in this stunningly artistic fishbowl designed by Takuro Yamamoto Architects can travel the world – or at least appear as if they are to anyone looking at the fish. The “fishbowl” actually isn’t shaped like a bowl at all, but you have to admit that the design is definitely eye-catching. It’s as if the container and fish together form a living work of art! Forget fancy fish tanks with all the high-tech accoutrements. Could this fishbowl (or fish tank or aquarium or whatever else it may be appropriate to call it), with its simplistic yet exquisite design, be a fish’s dream home? Read More

Toyota announced this month that it will be a releasing a system for using your Prius plug-in hybrid as a big ol’ battery. The key feature is an inverter which will allow you to plug household electronics directly into the car through a water-proof cable. Read More

HP Japan Develops Computerless Computer

Meet the HP t410 All-In-One Smart Zero Client. It’s a computer you don’t even have to plug into an electrical socket. It gets all the juice it needs from the LAN cable it uses, but how does it do it?

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New Cyber-Attack Warning System Makes Cyber-Warfare Look as Cool as It Does in the Movies

Have you ever watched a movie where a group of unbelievably attractive looking hackers broke into some government organization by constantly typing on their keyboard like they were typing an essay? Yet according to the display they were opening and closing executable files.

Sadly when alleged cyber-attacks occured during the South Ossetia War there were probably no fancy CGI effects showing neon blue wires interacting with each other while Scarlet Johansson with a poor Slavic accent convinces a Putin-looking Sean Penn to move all the nuclear data to a back-up server – constantly typing all the while.

No, the reality is probably just a bunch of sweaty Russians crowded around a blinking DOS prompt. That is, until now, as Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) have developed a new cyber-attack alert system called Daedalus.  And let me tell you, cyber warfare has never been sexier!

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The World’s Most Beautifully Isolated Homes

Everyone has those days where you just feel like getting away from it all, but some people have acted on that impulse in spectacular ways.

The following are some photos of the most beautiful and most secluded residences in the world.  You can’t help but wonder how people live in these places and as you’ll see, it usually requires monk-like discipline.

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Get Big in Japan With Our Monthly Instagram Photo Contest, #pouchgram

Instagram is a great way to get addicted to taking pictures. While it’s enjoyable enough to simply snap a picture, fancy it up with a filter and share it with your family and friends, the real photographer’s high comes from having a broader audience. After all, what could feel better to the amateur phonetographer than a collection of “likes” from strangers and comments left in foreign languages?

The problem is since everyone and their mother seem to be on Instagram these days it can be difficult to get your photos noticed by anyone other than…well, your mother.

We’ve found that the best solution to this problem is hashtags. And not just any hashtags: if you really want people to see your work, you need to participate in one of the many Instagram photo contests on the net.

In particular, you should probably participate in our very own monthly Instagram photo contest, #pouchgram If you win, tens of thousands of Japanese people will see your photo.

This could be your first step to becoming huge in Japan!

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A Band of Chinese Youths Expose their Ventricles to Raise Awareness for Blood Donation

Low turn-out for blood donation is a chronic problem in nearly every country.  It seems that people generally don’t like being stabbed and having a machine suck out their blood.   On top of that, some countries, such as China a couple decades back have had scandals involving reused equipment and tainted blood that all but shattered the public faith in blood collecting authorities.

These bleak circumstances look like a job for the Blood Buddies: a group of strapping young Chinese men and women who don superhero tights which also illustrate their circulatory systems for all to see!

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The Story Behind the Beautiful Photo of the New MacBook ‘Mountain Lion’ OS

One of the MacBook Pro desktop backgrounds featured on Apple’s website shows an astoundingly exquisite azure pond with bare trees coming out of the water, covered in snow. It will be one of the backgrounds included with OS X Mountain Lion, to be released this July. We’ve found out a bit about the photographer responsible for this particular workRead More

Tunisian Can of Coca Cola Zero Is Confusingly Awesome

Coca-Cola is probably the most popular brand name beverage on Earth, and as a result it pops up seemingly everywhere you go.  A fun side effect of this level of popularity is to see the metamorphoses the product goes through as it crosses borders around the world.

Our correspondent has traveled to the birthplace of the Arab Spring end unearthed such a treasure.  Behold the Tunisian can of Coca-Cola Zero (the calorie-free version of Coke).

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Now Anyone Can Shoot Laser Beams From Their Eyes With Internet Eye Beam Generator

Red-eye can be a nuisance when trying to capture moments with your favorite people on camera. But what about laser beam-eye??

Japanese programmer Sugi Yoshihiro believes eye beams can enhance the appeal of any photograph. That’s why he created Eye Beam Generator, a site that lets you add eye beams to any image with just the click of the button!

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A Recession Hit Mickey Mouse Photographed in LA Magically Mutilating Himself For Money

The other day, I was walking through sunny Hollywood on my way to a job when, right before my eyes, I spotted everyone’s favorite rodent, Mickey Mouse. I had met Mickey once before in New York, but now he looked different – a little gaunter.

Thinking, “something’s not right” I approached him to ask for a photo like I did in NYC.

“Okay! But don’t forget to tip! Haha!”

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The RockeNews24 Cooking Class – We Mix and Solidify Ten McDonald’s Hamburgers to create One Huge Hamburger

You know that we at RocketNews24 love to do crazy things with McDonald’s foods, like cooking a Big Mac Value Meal in a rice cooker or ordering different burgers without the buns.This time, we did a little experimenting with 10 McDonalds hamburgers and a unique cooking product that we’ve been fascinated with, called “Matomeruko Easy” (which would roughly translate to “Easy Mix-N-Solidify Powder” in English). Read More

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