Cool new alarm clock earphones wake you up not with sound, but vibrations

Never miss your stop on the train or make your bedmate get up earlier than necessary again.

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Clever travel foot hammock is just the thing for the long flight to Japan

Collapsible design also should work great on the bullet train.

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Censored cosplay tights: A new concept in keeping your undies hidden at anime conventions

Looking to keep your cosplay TV-broadcast compliant?

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How to make open-air dining in winter awesome: Take the kotatsu outside!

Ditch the dining room table and sit at a Japanese-style one with a heater, like at this ingenious Tokyo restaurant.

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Infographic captures gamers’ frustration at DLC, but forgets some key points of video gaming past

“Where’s the downloadable content beef?” is a valid question, but overlooks the fact that video games used to be like ham and cheese sandwiches.

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Never have to deal with tangled earphone cords again with this amazingly effective trick 【Video】

An amazingly simple solution for an extremely aggravating problem.

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Handy little Japanese invention removes kernels from your corn cob in seconds

Are you looking for the perfect novelty gift for that special someone who already has everything? Do you hate getting corn stuck in your teeth? Then you’ll be glad to know that the Corn Peeler might just be the item you’ve been looking for, and it just might revolutionise the way you eat corn.

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Five reasons Japan’s karaoke boxes are great places for group study sessions with your classmates

Odds are at some point you’ve been part of an after-school study group with your classmates, either to help each other power through a difficult course or cram for an important exam. Maybe you got together at a friend’s place or took over a corner of your local coffee house, but in Japan, neither of those of those is really a viable choice of location.

Japanese homes are generally too small to host a large group of visitors. Meanwhile, the coffee break-loving country’s cafes tend to be packed when schools let out in the afternoon, so it’s often a serious challenge to find even a single empty seat in a Tokyo Starbucks, let alone adjacent ones for all your study buddies. So in response, clever Japanese students thought outside the box and discovered a trendy new venue for group study sessions: karaoke boxes.

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Clever Japanese toilet paper holder keeps your fingers clean and public restrooms stocked 【Video】

For the most part, Japanese society places a high value on cleanliness. But as you might have deduced from it being the country that gave the world children’s literary classic Everyone Poops, even in Japan nature calls, and when it does, sometimes you’ll need to duck into a public restroom.

Japan’s high-tech toilets have become the stuff of legend, what with the adjustable angles and temperatures of their bottom-washing water sprays. But there’s another welcome bit of user-friendliness waiting in many Japanese restrooms in the form of an extremely clever, and sanitary, toilet paper holder design.

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Rolling suitcase with built-in desk is perfect for mobile businesspeople and cosplayers alike

Modern technology makes it easier than ever for people to work anywhere, not just in a traditional office setting. But every telecommuter or creative type knows the frustration of grabbing your laptop and any other necessary items, then carrying them to your local cafe, anxious to punch in and get some projects done, only to discover there’re no available seats.

Sure you might not need a whole office, but not even having a small desk to work on can really hurt your productivity. Here with a solution is ambitious and creative design house Bibi Lab, which is now selling a wheeled suitcase with an attached desk and chair that’s not only great for mobile professionals, but for artists, cosplayers, and all sorts of other people on the go.

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Ninja Parka’s hidden pockets, special material let you battle bugs and UV rays like a shinobi

Do you ever get the feeling you were born too late in history? I mean think about it, if you’d come into the world, say, five centuries sooner, you could have been a ninja, plying your trade by offering your shadow warrior skills to one of the warlords of Japan’s Sengoku period.

But hey, that doesn’t mean there are no fights left for would-be shinobi! It just means that instead of taking on enemy armies, your adversaries are instead harsh UV rays and annoying mosquitos, and what better way to gear up for such modern battles than with a Ninja Parka?

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Unmanned lost and found station with car keys shows just how safe and honest Japan is

It’s hard to really explain just how little street crime there is in Japan, and how much that affects the ways people go about their daily lives. Sure, you could rattle off statistics about the ridiculously low number of muggings or thefts per capita, or you could point to this video showing a completely unmanned lost and found station with some very valuable property left lying around with no fear that anyone other than the rightful owner will claim it.

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Why, hello there, crow! How may I be of service?

In many Western cultures, the owl is often regarded as a symbol of wisdom. But when you stop to think about it, wouldn’t a more fitting bird for that title be the crow?

If you’re not convinced now, we’re pretty sure you will be after seeing what clever strategy this particular crow uses to crack open an acorn! 

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River overflowing? Got to get to school? Don’t forget your plastic bag! 【Video】

Bad weather holidays were the greatest reason for not going to school. Sometimes, though, the severe weather isn’t quite enough to force a closure. The wind isn’t quite strong enough or the rain or snow isn’t dangerous enough. So, if the school says classes are on, you do what you can to get there. A city in Vietnam has “schooled” everyone with the incredible lengths they will go to get students to their classroom.

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Mamoris: Looks like a toilet, works like a hard hat

In an earthquake-, typhoon- and Godzilla-prone country like Japan, you’ve got to think about disaster preparedness. Most people here have an emergency kit ready by the door and most offices conduct drills on responding to a disaster. The big problem is storage space. You need a lot of room when you are trying to provide food, water, first aid and physical protection to a number of people.

One company has come up with a new solution for the protection part of the equation: a simple chair that doubles as a hard hat with the simple twist of a dial.

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