We score another fukubukuro lucky bag from Baskin Robbins Japan with bonus Snoopy【Photos】

Even more of the super cute ice cream theme products, but a sprinkle of Peanuts just makes it all the sweeter!
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Mr. Sato gets his heart broken by a 2019 Akihabara Junk Shop Lucky Bag

My mama always said life is like an Akihabara junk shop fukubukuro. You never know what you’re going to get.

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We get more than we bargained for with this Akihabara lucky bag

A seemingly innocent bag of random anime and game merch became the trigger for a peculiar addiction.

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The most expensive fish sausage we could find in Tokyo divides our opinions, empties our wallet

When you send Mr. Sato out to do the shopping, sometimes he comes back with something crazy.

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SoraNews24’s sexy men’s calendar, with loincloth Mr. Sato, is on sale now!【Photos】

A sneak peek at the hottest thing to come out of Japan this winter!

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We find a legendary anime weapon in an extra-awesome Akihabara lucky bag【Photos】

Fate smiles upon us as our reporter receives the weaponry of a noble hero.

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A guide to every type of delicious steamed bun from Japanese convenience store Lawson

What’s inside them, how to order, and what they cost.

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This ridiculously huge backpack turned our reporter into a great big baby【Photos】

Look, Seiji, we’ll give you one piggyback ride, but we are not changing your diper.

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All the amazing Japanese Starbucks Frappuccinos SoraNews24 tried in 2018【Taste tests】

The year in review for Starbucks’ blended ice dessert drinks is a delicious trip down memory lane.

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We try Starbucks Japan’s grand finale for the year: The triple-sesame Frappuccino【Taste test】

Delicious drink is packed with all the goma we never knew we wanted.

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We talk to Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph 2 producer Clark Spencer about visuals, visions and voices

We send our best and brightest Disney otaku to interrogate the Disney producer on Japan’s new release, Ralph Breaks the Internet.

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A visit to the back-alley Tokyo ramen restaurant listed in the Michelin dining guide

Amazing ramen that’s well worth stepping off the main road for.

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We visited Tokyo’s samurai-period style cat cafe, and here’s why you should too【Photos】

The Edo Neko Chaya has a beautiful interior, charming kitties, and a heartwarming mission.

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Tokyo’s fried-chicken cooking robot is here, and here’s a guide to help you use it【Photos】

Mr. Sato puts the culinary skills of Lawson’s Karaage-kun Robo to a taste test.

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Sushi burritos come to Tokyo with the opening of Beeat in Tokyo, and we tried three for ourselves

In the biggest sushi-loving town on the planet, can this unique twist on Japan’s food culture succeed?

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We make eco-friendly instant noodles from the water in Tokyo Bay

You never know when you might need to make yakisoba with raw water, so why not learn how?
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Sato Style: Our ace reporter gets a fashion makeover at Tokyo’s most colorful menswear shop【Pics】

SoraNews24’s Mr. Sato is no ordinary guy, and so no ordinary clothes will do.

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Japanese fast food chain Nakau now has a fancy new chicken and rice bowl, with TRUFFLES

Can a fast food restaurant use an expensive culinary delicacy properly? How does it compare in flavor to a regular oyakodon?

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Tottori airport serves crab soup from a faucet and… Dammit Seiji, put down that plastic bottle!

Seiji continues his mad quest to make this website FaucetNews24 with his endless makeshift plastic bottle taps.

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We try Starbucks Japan’s new Pistachio Christmas Tree Frappuccino drinks

Starbucks’ new limited-edition holiday drinks are designed to look like decorated Christmas trees…but do they taste like them?

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