This “mountain bandit” restaurant is one of the coolest places in Japan【Photos】

You won’t get robbed or taken hostage, but you might not ever want to leave.

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Yoshinoya in Japan has an amazingly cheap all-you-can-drink plan for you booze-and-beef cravings

It’s been said that beef is best, but beef with unlimited alcohol is even better.

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You can make rice with tapioca bubble tea, and it’s surprisingly tasty【SoraKitchen】

Tapioca tea is everywhere in Japan these days – even in the SoraNews24 office rice cooker!

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Saucy invite from lonely woman/online scammer has Mr. Sato filled with desire to do one thing

When a stranger sends him a friend request, our reporter sees the opportunity to relieve his explosive, pent-up emotion.

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Watching a one-star certified master udon craftsman at work…at a famous Japanese noodle chain

We spend some time with an expert noodle chef and find out what it takes to become one-star certified. 

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We try the new lemon yoghurt amazake cheese fermentation Frappuccino from Starbucks Japan

Fill your belly with the power of lactobacillus and the health benefits from a traditional Japanese fermented rice drink.

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The world’s most famous sushi restaurant sells seaweed too, so we made nori rice balls with it

Mr. Sato whips up a batch of onigiri with a little help from Sukibayashi Jiro.

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How to make awesome Japanese curry in five minutes without using instant packs or even a stove

Too lazy to really cook, but too gourmet for instant food? Our reporter Go finds a solution.

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Mini rice cooker cases: The newest Japanese capsule toys we never knew we needed until just now

Realistic cases are great for storing coins, creating scenes of home life for scale anime figures.

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What it’s really like to join a Japanese festival and carry a mikoshi around Tokyo for a day

We join the festivities at Suga Shrine, made famous as one of the real-life locations from the hit anime film Your Name

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We try “the best milk soft cream” in Tokyo

As light and airy as a cloud, could this really be the best ice cream in Tokyo? 

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Domino’s Pizza Japan creates abomination out of 2.2 pounds of cheese, we order one immediately

We all dream we could eat a dictionary’s weight in cheese in one serving, but what’s it like in practice? Worry not – we’re here to find out.
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Japanese Kyoto matcha sweets look gorgeous on Instagram, feel gorgeous on the tongue【Taste Test】

You have to go all the way to Kyoto to taste these decorative desserts, but a matcha medley this magnificent more than merits the trip!
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So what does Japan’s new Lawson Tomato Latte drink taste like? We tried it out!

Does tomato plus milk equals deliciousness?

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Tokyo Station’s new guidance robot is extremely terrifying, pretty helpful【Video】

Would you rather be frightened or lost? You’ll probably need to pick one.

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This beautiful beefy bento is one of the best meals you can have on a train in Japan

Kobe beef’s fiercest rival is the star of this sukiyaki ekiben that not only tastes amazing, but sounds great too.

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This Tokyo temple offers breakfast that’s beautiful, delicious, and includes message of salvation

Sushi isn’t the only thing worth eating in Tsukiji.

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Let’s try some “deer poop” ice cream in Nara, Japan’s city of deer!

Poo, puns, and matcha green tea desserts: this is gonna be FUN!

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Cold ramen? Yes, it’s possible, and yes, it’s awesome, as this Tokyo restaurant proves

There’s no need to give up ramen on sizzling hot days as long as you eat it Yamagata-style.

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Cup Noodle vs 7-Eleven! We test their new scorching instant ramen cups to see who beats at heat

Between Cup Noodle’s Mega Spicy Miso and 7-Eleven’s Mongolia Tanmen Nakamoto Hokkyoku BLACK, which one left our tongues more of a spicy, shriveled wasteland?

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