train stations

Seats descend from ceiling on Japanese train to provide extra comfort for passengers【Video】

It might look like brand new technology, but this surprising system is on a train that’s been running for more than forty years.

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What is this weird train spotted at a Japanese railway station?

Can you guess what the bizarre-looking vehicle is used for?

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Japanese man arrested for putting semen-filled condoms in schoolgirls’ bags for several years

The man is being charged with property damage after the contents leaked into one girl’s bag.
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Happy news: Japanese NPO ships “poop protectors” to save swallow nests in train stations 【Pics】

Just think of it as a very special – and very stinky – welcome mat.

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Travel to Nakanoshima Station this month for a unique drinking and dining experience

Love beer? Love trains? Here’s your chance to combine the two for four special nights.

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Train continues to stop at rural station for lone schoolgirl until she graduates in March

The story of the lone schoolgirl and the country train that takes her to school every day is capturing hearts around the world.

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