Master Blaster

Writer / Translator

Master Blaster is the two-man translating team of Canada’s Steven Le Blanc and Japan’s Masami M, a pair who in addition to writing work are in English education and created the StudyNow app for Japanese students of English.

Together they have written somewhere around 1,500 articles for RocketNews24 covering such diverse topics as Chinese men selling sanitary napkins to each other and a Japanese guy dragging an ear of corn around the Tokyo train system. A few of these were actually good, but don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our beloved readers had to say:

“One isn't always in the mood for bold tastes. But when I'm in the mood for bold flavor I turn to you.”
“Stupid article. Who cares what the Japanese think it's cool. You don't call a monkey, "gorilla".”
“You know, this is about the most cogent explanation of how a turbocharger works that I have ever seen in the non-motorsports world.”
“Thanks for the article peter!”
“It's people like you who make exploitation possible.”
“It looks yummy and the story was great. Thank you for the smile.”

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Posted by Master Blaster

Mr. Sato goes to the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022… front gate【Photos】

Our writer makes the most of a car show without seeing a single car.

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French fry war escalates with a 300-percent larger Bucket Potato from Ministop convenience stores

More salt in the very salty wounds of McDonald’s.

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Tokyo condo frees up space by putting a shower in the kitchen

Or is it putting a stove in the bathroom?

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Japanese PM’s call to drink more milk successful, mass disposal averted

We did it!

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Japanese firefighter docked pay for making over a million yen from game streaming

If you’re a firefighter in Japan, the only thing you can stream is water.

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Osaka restaurant has ramen for those who like it spicy, cold, sweet, hot, creamy, salty and meaty

Waiter, there’s a juxtaposition in my soup.

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Study suggests Japanese curry effective at staving off dementia

A curry a week helps keep the brain at its peak.

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McDonald’s Japan’s French fry rationing extended for about another month

Good news for those with resolutions to lose weight.

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The “Party Lucky Bag” from Amazon wasn’t quite the party we were expecting

It’s Masanuki’s party bag and he’ll cry if he wants to.

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Sunshine Aquarium’s 2022 lucky bag is a true rarity

Our writer would share the special items in his bag, but he’s a little shellfish.

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Gunma man arrested for attempted marriage of woman without her knowledge

Groom took his victim to be his unlawfully wedded wife.

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Number of pachinko parlors in Japan decreasing rapidly, down 12 percent in two years

Where have all the parlors gone?

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Japan one of only two countries where Twitter beats Facebook in social media market share

Pinterest more of a player than Facebook in Japan too.

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Japan’s beloved Zima discontinued after sales hurt by COVID-19

Zomething zad.

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Drip-brewed drinkable soups developed by Japanese soy sauce giant

A savory alternative to drip-brewed coffee.

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Mos Burger brings back sake shakes, business manga, and vintage websites all at once

We’re gonna party like it’s 1999.

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Akihabara junk shop offers “Guaranteed iPad and other various items!!” lucky bag in 2022

Mr. Sato came for the “guaranteed iPad” and stayed for the “and more!!”

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Online pilgrimages along Japan’s famous Shikoku Henro route begin later this year

A journey of 1,000 kilometers begins with a single log-in.

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Episode of Gunma-chan anime deemed not suitable for children and shelved

What has that little horsey gotten itself into?

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Japan’s year-end Kohaku song battle rumored to end soon

Is 72 years long enough for this TV tradition?

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