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Master Blaster is the two-man translating team of Canada’s Steven Le Blanc and Japan’s Masami M, a pair who in addition to writing work are in English education and created the StudyNow app for Japanese students of English.

Together they have written somewhere around 1,500 articles for RocketNews24 covering such diverse topics as Chinese men selling sanitary napkins to each other and a Japanese guy dragging an ear of corn around the Tokyo train system. A few of these were actually good, but don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our beloved readers had to say:

“One isn't always in the mood for bold tastes. But when I'm in the mood for bold flavor I turn to you.”
“Stupid article. Who cares what the Japanese think it's cool. You don't call a monkey, "gorilla".”
“You know, this is about the most cogent explanation of how a turbocharger works that I have ever seen in the non-motorsports world.”
“Thanks for the article peter!”
“It's people like you who make exploitation possible.”
“It looks yummy and the story was great. Thank you for the smile.”

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Nintendo to convert former Kyoto factory into museum of the company’s history

A historic venue for a historical facility.

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New hell found in Nagasaki, campaign to name it underway

What fresh hell is this?

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Japan continues to shun processed fish sticks, opts for minimally processed fish cubes instead

Everything tastes better when it’s a cube!

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Ōkami menu and merch coming to Capcom Cafe in June for limited time

Now you can have your Amaterasu and eat it too.

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Is milk really the best match for cereal? Why not try beer and these five other liquids?

Free yourself from the tyranny of big milk.

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Saitama welfare official threatened into giving out executive-level-salary worth of benefits

“Relentless threats” resulted in person or persons getting over 12 million yen in benefits.

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Wear your love of pickled ginger on your sleeve, bag, or keys with new capsule toy line

A giant in capsule toys teams up with a giant in pickled ginger for the first time ever.

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Extra-meaty yakiniku burger makes us feel seriously old with its Japanese slang

This burger is both maji and gachi.

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12-foot python found in Yokohama after evading authorities for 16 days

Giant snakes are always in the last place you look.

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Cups made of kelp from Hokkaido add a touch of umami to whatever you put inside

Kelp yourself to an extra flavorful cup of sake or soup.

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Pepsi Japan to release its “most refreshing” cola ever

Pepsi Nama Cola is the latest evolution in Japan.

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High school students rapidly losing interest in sumo teams because too “painful,” “scary,” and “naked”

Those three words sound like a good time to me, but I guess I’m the weird one…

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“Protect the Nation from NHK Party” becomes “Protect the Nation from Old Parties Party”

Constantly changing one’s mind is an interesting political strategy.

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Police alerted to middle-aged man who asked woman to play catch in the park

What works for little kids, often doesn’t hold up in your 40s.

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Fish-and-Evangelion-inspired oxygen enema treatment developed by Japanese researchers

Luckily, no entry plug is needed.

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Yokohama Police to give up search for 12-foot python, YouTubers picking up slack

Snake! What happened? Snake! Snaaaaaaaaaaake!

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Takamatsu man arrested for car-bombing person whose parking method he disapproved of

Leaving a note on the windshield was apparently too subtle.

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Make your own Japanese manju snacks with hotcake mix【SoraKitchen】

The most delicious manju is the one you make yourself.

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Sports cake developed by legendary Japanese castella company

Let them run with cake.

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Osaka man finds stranger eating in his kitchen at night, stranger dies shortly after

Truth is once again stranger than fiction.

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