Moisturizing gel from Japan markets itself as though a cat is cleaning you with its drool【Pictures】

Cat fanatics, this one’s fur you! This new all-in-one moisturizer is designed to look and feel like cat spit.
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Note Mama is ready to give liquid nourishment in exchange for a huge wad of cash.

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The Story Hotel: A new concept for couples wanting some romantic private time in Japan

Step into a mysterious story world just outside of Tokyo.

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Australian arrested at Narita Airport for graffiti on Japanese train in Tokyo

The suspect claims he’s innocent, despite being in possession of spray cans and bolt cutters.

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Japanese government attempts to beautify the English interpretation of Reiwa, gives us an eyeful of something else entirely.

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Virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai appears in ad for new miso flavor Cup Noodles 【Video】

Animated virtual YouTuber Ai spies on old men in this new ad for miso Cup Noodle.

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Gold-leaf seasoned potato chips are Japan’s newest edible salute to the new emperor

Gourmet snacks are surprisingly affordable, only available at convenience stores.

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Enjoy beautiful Japanese snacks and tea at Saryo Fukucha in Kyoto

Japanese sweets and teas every bit as elegant and colorful as Kyoto itself.
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Viewing Yokohama cherry blossoms on a stand up paddle board!

How do you find the best views of riverside sakura? In the river.
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20-something Japanese woman takes junior high boy to hotel for lewd activity, gets off with fine

Internet chats lead to illegal rendezvous.

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Young Splatoon 2 fan writes encouraging letter to Nintendo, stunned to get a personalized reply

Nintendo proves once again that it really values its fans. 

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Every single Nintendo Super Famicom game offered for sale in one bundle by Japanese collector

Over 1,000 titles, including ultra-rare unreleased games and prize versions, could be yours with just one click (and a lot of cash).

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Enjoy a taste of traditional Japan in self-operated Edo period cable car

A frightening yet exhilarating way to travel for free in rural Japan. 

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Muji Hotel Ginza: New accommodation in Tokyo takes Japanese minimalism to the next level

We step inside the huge new complex and bring you a walkthrough of every floor before it opens to the public.

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Shockingly dirty restroom in Tokyo train station has no poo, plenty of mysterious garbage

Neatly sorted litter is all from one specific thing.

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Japanese high school teacher in hot water after forcibly giving male student a buzz cut

Both students and their parents have petitioned for his resignation.

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Disney is making an anime-style dating simulator where you meet handsome villain boys

Video game features character designs from a famous manga creator, starts with hot guys “twisted from Alice in Wonderland.”

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Tokyo hotel’s 100,000-yen (US$900) hamburger is topped with a wagyu steak to honor new emperor

Roppongi hotel uses two kinds of beef, gold powder in ludicrously luxurious, massively mouthwatering burger.

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Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix receives death threat from gamer angry at loot boxes/gacha

”Wash your necks and wait!” commands gamer who didn’t get the item he wanted.

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Japanese mythbusting: Is it good luck to stumble upon another person’s poo in a shared toilet?

We put the cold comfort that fecal encounters bring good fortune to the test.

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