Japanese toilet fans rejoice — bidet-style washlet water guns are here!

Now you can enjoy the power of a good water squirt anytime anywhere.

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SoraNews24 quiz: How men deal with unexpected urine leaks determines their personality

Will you wipe up the mess or let sleeping snakes lie?

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Frozen azuki snacks last miraculously long in blackout stricken Hokkaido

Azuki Ice adds to legendary status in Japan once again by defiantly providing delicious treats in times of need.

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Restaurant in Indonesia’s bizarrely translated Japanese menu commands customers to get stabbed

“A little” shanking is requested, but that’s not the only weird thing about the baffling bits of Japanese flavor text.

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New photo app turns you, or Mr. Sato, into a sparklingly handsome shojo manga dreamboat【Photos】

From wannabe gangster to would-be 2-D heartthrob in just seconds.
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Tokyo property owner has to put up “Pooping prohibited” sign to combat unwanted dookie deposits

Seriously, no shit.

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Conan O’Brien announces trip to Japan in negotiation over rural Tottori Prefecture’s Conan Town

American comedian responds to Hokei mayor’s request for his face on Mount Rushmore, says he’ll be here in Japan next week.

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This is what Tokyo’s ultra-premium 12,960-yen (US$117) seaweed looks like

SoraNews24’s Mr. Sato continues to live the high life (sort of) as he pairs the most expensive nori he could find with the cheapest rice available.

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Japanese wrestler Saori Yoshida smashes Guinness World Record by bursting balloons with her butt

The speed and accuracy of her bottom was truly astounding.

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A brilliant way to save money: Treat your favorite anime character like a stripper

Why spend your cash on anime merch when you can stuff it down your favorite character’s pants instead?
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Manga delves into the connection between McDonald’s Japan’s milkshakes and breast milk

Claims that when you’re drinking a McShake, it’s supposed to feel like you’re nursing, but that can’t be right…can it?!?

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Japanese cheater learns why you should never try to lie to your train otaku girlfriend

Relationship is derailed as rail geek girl uses her amazing powers of deduction to catch her boyfriend in a lie.

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One of Japan’s dullest-looking restaurants actually has an awesome robot waiter【Videos】

Veteran employee has been quietly serving customers for decades.

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Packs of pig vaginas for sale at Japanese market disgust/intrigue Internet【Photos】

Flat-grilled pig vaginas! They’re…[censored]-lickin’ good?

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Japan’s two-person harmonica practically makes its players make out with each other

Manufacturer calls it “a little special,” but others would probably go with “really weird” or “oddly kinky.”

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American traveler caught peeing on sleeping Japanese businessman during flight to Tokyo

Abuse of the complimentary alcohol service leads to a rude, wet awakening.

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Is it legal to wear a facekini on the streets of Tokyo? Mr. Sato asks Tokyo Metropolitan Police

Eye-catching, face-obscuring fashion from China protects your skin from harsh UV rays, makes you look like a crazed criminal.

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Swiss otaku who threatened to leave homeland over confiscated manga is reunited with his comics

Perverted dojiinshi fan wins legal struggle with customs officials, asserts that loli comics “cause no damage whatsoever to any real people.”

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Tokyo’s most terrifying advertisement is hiding in plain sight in busiest part of the city【Video】

Subtle spookiness in Shinjuku isn’t promoting anything except fear in all who notice it.

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Master tempura chef in Hamamatsu uses his bare hands to cook with boiling oil【Video】

Who needs tongs when you’ve got five perfectly-good, easily-burned fingers right there?

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