82-year-old woman fights off bear in Japan: “I sent him flying”

Bear picks wrong lady to mess with in her back yard.

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Salmon sashimi noodles: Terrifying, mouthwatering, or both?【Photos】

Overseas sushi restaurant creates an eye-catching innovation for those with a taste for raw fish and mukbang videos.

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Has five years with the dangerous haircut banned in Tokyo schools led this man to a life of crime?

Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education continues mental gymnastics and insists that undercuts cause harmful incidents and accidents.
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Netizen visits grandparents’ house, finds undisturbed bamboo stalk growing in the kitchen【Pics】

It’s gonna take more than one call to insurance for this one. 
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We tried eating a raw “mizu nasu” eggplant, and it tastes like a weird fruit【Taste Test】

This eggplant is supposed to be sweet like fruit…so we ate it like a fruit!

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Anime voice actress fart recording now on sale as ASMR audio file

I Want to Listen to the Real Farts of a Dojin Voice Actress combines voice acting and fart acting.

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Head of Tokyo board of education gets asked about dumb school hairstyle rule, gives dumb answer

Apparently the two block hairstyle is too dangerous for kids to have.

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This pet fish in Japan is trying to beat Pokémon Ruby, and it’s already won two gym badges【Video】

Live streaming Siamese fighting fish Mutekimaru is hundreds of hours into his quest to be the very best.

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Can Nipple MAN tame our wildest nipples?【Experiment】

Man vs Nipple MAN

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Real cops get called to fake art theft event at Tokyo gallery in the middle of the night【Photos】

OK-to-steal art exhibition’s guests/thieves attract lots of attention.

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10-second Japanese katsu curry – Is this the world’s most amazing instant food?【Video】

Blows minds, stimulates appetites.

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Mr. Sato tries to make himself invisible by wearing mirror paper, creates cool modern art instead

As it turns out, wearing reflective material has multiple unintended side effects. 

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Birth of new kusoge legend — Zelda wannabe has copied Zelda music, all-original crazy bugs【Vids】

Final Sword’s gameplay is suspiciously familiar and copied music got it pulled from Nintendo’s eShop, but its shoddy physics are brand-new, and hilarious.

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Amazingly beautiful cakes inside fruit – Our newest Japanese dessert obsession【Photos】

Marugoto fruit cake series is designed to appeal to all five of your senses.

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Eating a shark heart from a Tokyo supermarket【Photos】

Super-easy and super-scary to prepare, this is a meal that’s not for the faint of heart.

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Legendary Tokyo bento shop offers free food 24 hours a day for one month if it meets Twitter goal

Kitchen Dive’s craziest, most generous offer yet.

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Got 33,000 bucks to spend on an anime “figure?” Then this human-scale Evangelion could be yours!

The perfect way to make your otaku friends jealous and your bank account sad.

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Japanese idol group limits length of fan letters after receiving crazy-long “fan report”

10,000 characters, written by hand, is a few thousand too many, talent agency says.

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36 Views of The Mount Fuji Bar【Photos】

Eat your heart out Hokusai.

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Just how waterproof is this waterproof notebook? We put it to the test, SoraNews24 style

We give this notebook the wet and wild treatment!

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