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Singaporean artist knits actual instant ramen noodles into wearable art pieces【Pics, Video】

A scarf made of ramen may not keep you warm, but it will keep you full!

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Introducing sweet kitsune udon for your eating pleasure…probably

As if there weren’t enough crazy sweet flavors to satiate our rumbling stomachs! 
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Green tea Cup Noodle brings matcha to the wonderful world of instant ramen

Ramen and green tea are two of the best things to make if you’ve got a pot of hot water, and now you can have both at once.

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Clam chowder ramen appears in Japan thanks to popular noodle chain’s overseas branch

Two of the biggest names in ramen team up for this American-inspired instant noodle flavor.

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Artist Christian Lassen and instant udon Donbei form an alliance of paint and noodles

I can say fairly certainly that this is the greatest painting of instant deep-fried vegetables ever made.

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Strawberry shortcake instant yakisoba noodles are set to cause a stir this Christmas

Dessert noodles return to Japan with a brand-new experimental flavor.

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Nissin offers chance to try rare cans of fresh, non-instant cup noodles in huge giveaway

The company famous for instant noodles is now releasing a limited number of their fresh noodles to lucky customers.

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Suggestively spicy series stars swimsuit models, dancers, and anime voice actress.

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Female comedian turned into huge huggy pillow in Japan’s strangest ramen promotion in a long time

The makers of Cup Noodles are betting that somewhere out there is a person who wants a 10-kilo pillow and instant noodles.

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Wasabi and salt flavored instant soba released to help cope with summer heat

Because nothing cools you down better than the intense burning sensation of wasabi.

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Iconic instant cup noodle restaurant on Shibuya Station platform closes

The thank you note and display to customers left by the owner inside the door is warming hearts around the Internet.

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Epic ad for instant ramen noodles shows all the great Japanese trends from the past year

Test your knowledge of Japanese trends by spotting the “buzz points” in this action-packed commercial.

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11 ways to have a great Christmas date…when your date is a bowl of instant noodles

As long as you’ve got hot water, you’re not really alone.

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Brace yourself – Chocolate-flavored instant noodles are coming to Japan!

Apparently sliced chocolate was only the beginning.

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Step aside, Goku! Vegeta protects Earth from giant vegetables in new Dragon Ball ramen ad 【Video】

Even though spikey-haired Goku is undeniably the protagonist of classic (and soon to be new) anime Dragon Ball, we’re not sure it’s entirely accurate to call fellow Saiyajin Vegeta a “supporting character.” That’s because the widow’s peak-sporting martial artist would tell you that he’s actually the strongest fighter in the Dragon Ball universe, and his prideful insistence on doing things his way means that “supporting” others isn’t something he’s particularly amicable to doing.

Maybe that’s the reason that while Goku and the villainous Frieza are hawking cola, Vegeta is instead endorsing Cup Noodle’s new vegetable-packed variety of instant ramen, and starring in an action-packed, cabbage-crushing commercial while he’s at it.

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Cup of noodles for vegans! Japanese Zen Buddhist temple starts selling instant soba and udon

Upon coming to Japan, a lot of people are surprised to discover just how difficult finding vegetarian food can be. Many people imagine Japan as a country that eats very little meat, and while that’s definitely true in comparison to North America and western Europe, the flipside is that you’ll find at least a little bit of meat in just about all dishes, including salads and vegetable stews with surprising frequency.

Things get trickier still if you’re trying to stick to a vegan diet. Even something as simple as noodles are generally out, since almost all broths are made with meat or fish stock. But if you’ve got an aversion to meat coupled with a craving for soba or udon, you’re in luck, with two new types of vegan instant noodles produced by a Zen Buddhist temple.

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“It all came out?” Debate ensues over whether schoolgirl ad is just talking about mayonnaise

A teen model smiles sweetly at the camera. Deftly using her hands, she produces a considerable volume of white, goopy liquid. Then she turns to the camera and asks, innocently, “It all came out?”

Fetish video, or commercial for mayonnaise-topped noodles? According to some people in Japan, it’s sort of both.

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Fried chicken teams up with instant ramen in this cup of noodles fit for a king

There’s a popular Japanese TV show whose protagonist, a wandering gourmet with a healthy appetite, often finds himself looking over a restaurant menu while trying to make an agonizing decision about which of two tempting entrees to order. Often, he resolves the crisis by following the advice encapsulated by his catchphrase, “When you can’t decide which to eat, have both.”

That also seems to be the philosophy behind Nissin Foods’ newest product: instant ramen with fried chicken.

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Nissin Cup Noodle is offering a promotional life-size water-dispensing cow

Yes, you read that title correctly! As part of their promotional campaign for the “Milk Seafood” flavor of cup noodle, Nissin is giving away a life-size plastic cow water dispenser to one lucky instant ramen fan. Simply fill up your cow with water, wait for the cow to heat up, and then “milk” out as much hot water as you need to fill up your Cup Noodle. Join us after the jump for a look at the amusing commercial behind this wacky promotion!

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New magic powder turns your boring instant noodles into peppery treats

Are you a poor college student? An incompetent cook? Or maybe just too busy to stop for a real meal? If so, you probably have cup ramen so often that you can prep a serving with your eyes closed and your right hand tied to your left knee.

Let’s be honest here: Cup ramen is fast, convenient, and not entirely horrible tasting. But after a couple of days of the same flavors over and over, you might be wanting to add some variety to your diet. If you still can’t get a real meal, at least now you can get some magic powder to spice up your noodles!

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