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Transform your Cup Noodle into exotic cuisine! 10 easy recipes for 100x flavor

After seeing the creative instant ramen recipes enjoyed by Koreans, our curiosity towards other creative ways of savoring our favorite meal in a cup ballooned over three minutes (we were waiting for our cup noodles to cook), and so we put together this list of delicious quick fixes to satisfy our cravings!

They’re so easy to make, and surprisingly tasty. Believe it or not, these Nissin cup babies can instantly transform into Thai, Chinese, and even Italian cuisine! Come on, you know you want to try them!

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Sweeten up your instant meal with a frozen treat,  à la Korean style!

Instant noodles, otherwise known as instant ramen in some parts of the world, were invented by the Japanese and were once considered luxury gourmet over fifty years ago, back when fresh foods were more accessible than processed food. Today, the packaged instant delicacies have become an affordable snack enjoyed globally, particularly among those who are too busy, too lazy or those who have been deemed a fire hazard in the kitchen.

While the instant noodle makers have shown continuous effort in developing new flavors to keep the consumers’ tastebuds tingling, there are people out there who have gone beyond the bowl in creating their own unique serving. A sprinkle of extra seasoning, or topping it off with eggs or vegetables is rather common since the ramen itself isn’t quite as nutritious, but wait, ice cream?!

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Can the flavor of instant noodles with cod roe match the intensity of their hot pink package?

Instant ramen gets by far the most attention, but it’s not Japan’s only quick-fix noodle dish. Peyangu-brand instant yakisoba (stir-fried noodles) are available in just about any convenience store, and are an established hit with kids and adults alike.

Similarly, although the country is rightfully known for its scrumptious sashimi, Japanese cuisine also includes several varieties of tasty fish roe, including ikura (salmon roe) as seen at sushi restaurants and popular white rice topping mentaiko (spicy cod roe).

This month Peyangu instant yakisoba with tarako (plain cod roe) went on sale. Unable to pass up this convergence of our gourmet and lazy tendencies, we picked up a couple packs right away.

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