Chinese Students Invoke Sun Tzu For Claiming Classroom Seats: Chains, Toilet Paper and Mittens Among Weapons Used

Getting a seat in class is a very tense situation. It can make or break the way your day or year will go, depending on the class system.  Clearly sitting with your friends is important, as is getting out of the teacher’s line of sight if you want to doze off for a bit.

It’s funny how many students obediently follow imaginary rules like “calling” their seats as a way of reserving where you want to sit.  As the unwritten, unspoken rule goes: callings may be verbal or implied by leaving one’s personal possessions in the location of the seat. Any calling dispute, such as simultaneous callings is to be determined by an ad hoc challenge, preferably rock-paper-scissors.

Such a rule doesn’t seem to exist in Chinese schools, however, as this lack of social etiquette has turned classrooms into the Thunderdome of seat saving, where the one rule is – there are no rules.

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Car Horns on Steroids in India. They Will (Luxuriously) F* You Up

To say that the streets in India are congested is an understatement. If you’re used to driving in Europe or the U.S., basically you’d need to prepare to enter a completely different world, like in Running Man but with 10,000 other contestants.

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Your reporter (male) was walking through Shinjuku Ni-chōme, Tokyo, Japan’s most well-known gay neighborhood, at around 7-8pm on business the other day when a man in a suit with his hair dyed brown approached me casually at an intersection. The man, who looked like he worked at a host club, glanced at me and then put his hand out to offer me something. At the time, I figured he was just trying to hand me a pamphlet for his club, and ignored him as I walked past. However, I later learned that it was actually a secret signal used by homosexual men in Japan to indicate interest in a potential partner—a practice known in English as “cruising.”

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Since the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant following the terrible East Japan Earthquake in March last year, radiation has unfortunately been a topic of concern for everyone in Japan. It is therefore not surprising that a team of scientists at Tokyo University, where some of the top minds of Japan can be found, conducted a study on how radiation in seafood can be reduced. However, the results which have been reported in the media recently are not what you may expect from Japan’s premier academic institution.

According to reports, the team at Tokyo University, headed by Professor Shugo Watabe, concluded from their experiments that up to 95% of the radioactive cesium contained in fish can be removed by reducing the fish into very small pieces, close to paste form, and washing it repeatedly with water. Read More

Put the Tokyo Subway in Your Mouth!

Among both train nerds and the general public, the bright red 300-series cars that originally ran on the Marunouchi subway line in Tokyo are much beloved. This year, that line celebrates the 50th anniversary of the completion of its full length, and someone has fittingly made it a cake. Literally.

The cakes, called Marunouchi Line 300-Series 3D Cake, are being sold for a limited time at the price of 7980 yen (about $97).
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Recharge In Style! Cool Futuristic Cable Unveiled

Xenon has just started selling a futuristic USB recharging cable for iPad, iPhone, and iPod, which not only lights up, but you can see how fast your device is recharging by how fast the light pulses along the cable. And when your charge is full, the light turns off. Read More

Take Your Relationship With Your iPhone To Strange New Levels With Bandai’s Smartpet App and Robot Dog Body

They say that dog is man’s best friend. However, as the number of smartphone users continues to grow that title may soon be challenged, especially if you consider Bandai’s newest iPhone development, Smartpet.

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Our Top 3 Most Delicious Dog Foods…as Tasted by a Human

Every dog lover wants to ensure their canine companion stays healthy and strong, and this means putting them on the right diet. But with so many different kinds of dog food on the market, it may be difficult for owners to choose one that agrees with their dog’s physiology and palate.

We asked our resident dog-loving reporter, Yoshio, for his advice to fellow dog-owners on how to pick the best chow for their best friends.

“Small-breed dog food has a milder flavor than large-breed food, making it tastier and easy to eat. Similar to blue cheese, dog foods with a strong aroma are preferred by aficionados like myself, though laymen are often put off by the pungent odor,” remarked Yoshio.


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9 McDonald’s Secrets Guaranteed to Make Your Life Better

We here at RocketNews24 have an extensive history of eating McDonald’s and, over the years, we’ve picked up a thing or two that the average customer may not be aware of.

Today we’d like to delve deeply into the annals of fast food dining to bring you 9 McDonald’s secrets that are guaranteed to make your life better*.

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Kirin Releasing Fat-Busting Cola

This month, beverage maker Kirin announced that it will be releasing the first ever health food cola on April 24th. The drink will be called Kirin Mets Cola. No connection to the MLB team, although fans will find the font suspiciously familiar.

According to the company, the drink contains an indigestible form dextrin sometimes used as a fiber supplement, which restricts the body’s ability to absorb fat while eating. It contains no sweeteners and has strong carbonation for a refreshing feel. They also claim that blood tests performed in house after consuming the beverage prove the drink keeps levels of neutral fats low after eating.
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VANS Customer Sent Home With New Pair of 2 Right Shoes: Even Japanese Customer Service Slips Sometimes

In Japan, if you want a pair of VANS, you gotta go through local retailer ABC Mart.

Luckily, they’ve got stores across the country, so purchasing a pair of your favorite skate shoes should be as easy as, well, ABC.

However, as one unfortunate Japanese customer learned the other day, discerning left from right is apparently slightly more difficult than the ABCs for some people.

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New Sony Video Camera Offers Near-Perfect Image Stabilization, Amazing Video Comparison

Image stabilization is a common feature in most digital video cameras, but no camera has been able to offer the perfect remedy for a shaky hand—until now.

A video posted to YouTube showing footage taken with Sony’s latest digital video recorder, HDR-CX720, suggests that the company may have perfected the technology.

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JoJo fans rejoice! Special 25th Anniversary JoJo Exhibit to take place in Sendai and Tokyo

You have to say 25 years – a quarter of a century – is a very long time to be working on a single story telling project. Well, that’s exactly how long manga artist Hirohiko Araki has been producing the series “JoJo no Kimyo na Boken – or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, commonly referred to as “JoJo” by fans.

Not surprisingly, after 25 years in the making, the comic has a huge following of loyal fans of varying ages. The story line, which revolves around battles of good vs. evil fought between characters with supernatural powers spanning over several generations, is certainly unique, but the comic is also loved for Araki’s distinctive sense of graphic style and color, which leaves quite an impression and which once seen, is not easily forgotten.

Fans of the comic will be delighted to hear that a special exhibition of original JoJo artwork by Araki will be held later this year in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture and in Tokyo to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the series.

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Goose That Laid the Golden Egg Hiding Somewhere in Japan

Have you ever seen such a lustrous gold egg before? I’m willing to bet most people would answer “no” to that. And yet, this shiny egg is the real thing! Well, at least it’s a real egg, anyway.
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New Major Faults Found Near Japan Coast

Two active and sizable faults were discovered east of Tokyo, a bit more than 100 km off the coast of Chiba Prefecture, measuring 160 km(99miles) and 300 km(186miles) long respectively.

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Fun Do-It-Yourself Mini Cherry Blossom Kit

Who doesn’t love cherry blossoms (sakura) and cherry blossom season? That exquisite pink everywhere. Refreshing, energizing, even. It’s fun just to wander around checking out the different parks with cherry blossoms. Sadly, time flies and the petals blow away… Read More

Japanese Cycling Mascot Character Has Nothing to do With Cycling, Still Manages to Pump the Shaft

Highly trained athletes tearing through a course on sleek racing bicycles against the cheers of a fervent crowd on is probably representative of most people’s image of professional cycling.

Apparently in Japan, the image is a little different.

Nagoya Bicycle Racing recenlty created a mascot character in an attempt to add more heat to the already passionate world of bicycle racing, but when a hyperactive promotion video featuring the character hit the net several days ago, many people were left wondering what the hell it had to do with cycling.

The heat, however, was brought in spades.

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Lil’ Miss Environmentally Friendly Can Wash Away All Your Unwanted Toilet Sounds

Let’s face it; using public toilets is never a pleasant experience.  Putting aside all the legendary messes you have encountered, even if the restroom is immaculate you still have to worry about yourself.  As stealthily ninja-like you try to be on the can it is virtually impossible to do it without making any embarrassing sounds.

This is especially true of the fairer sex who often do a courtesy flush but in these ecologically sensitive times it’s hardly a sensible use of a gallon of water.

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What Apple and Microsoft Would Look Like if Personified as Anime Characters

Curretnly, one of the most popular manga in Japan is a series called Saint Young Men, a comedy manga that follows the everyday happenings of Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha as they take a much-needed vacation from presiding over the cosmos to live together as roommates in a Tokyo apartment.

For fans of the manga, there’s just something endearing about watching two of the world’s most prominent religious figures stick together through the ups and downs of modern life—something that reminds us that even if we adhere to completely different belief systems, we’re still the same humans living on the same planet. After all, if the two head honchos can get along through the good and the bad, there’s no reason why we can’t!

While the peaceful nature of Jesus and Buddha might make them a match made in heaven, what about the chieftains of other warring tribes?

An image posted to Twitter earlier today gives a glimpse at what it might look like if tech giants Apple and Microsoft were main characters in their own manga.

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Marriage in Wonderland! Now you can have a real life fairytale wedding in the land of Magic and Fantasy

Dreaming of a truly one-of-a-kind wedding in a magical setting? Well, there’s exciting news for people who want just that. Now you can get married at the ultimate fantasy lover’s venue — none other than the land of magic itself, Tokyo Disneyland. Read More

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