Final Fantasy

Japan’s amazing screen door video game artist is back with new NES-inspired projects【Photos】

Intricate process creates characters that look as cool now as they did in the 8-bit and 16-bit eras.

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Taiwanese cosplayer charms Internet with incredible cosplay from Final Fantasy and Overwatch

Talented costumer’s international inspirations are winning her fans around the globe.

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Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy with epic Cup Noodle worthy of a final boss

Thirty years spanning fifteen iconic “final” adventures. Let the feast begin!
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Final Fantasy XV Gladiolus cosplay is as gorgeous as the game itself 【Photos】

We would gladly take more of this Gladiolus cosplay!

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What will Ignis eat today? Japanese food site creates amazing Final Fantasy XV cooking video

Take a real-life cooking class with Ignis while enjoying music, costumes and iconic images from the game.

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Nissin joins up with Final Fantasy XV for awesome “Cup Noodle XV” promotion【Video】

Put together by the XV development team, this is being billed by its producers as the first-ever official mashup TV commercial in the history of Final Fantasy.

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Nissin sends Square Enix employees congratulatory instant ramen, possible collab on the way

With Nissin’s cup noodles featured heavily in the latest Final Fantasy game, the company decided to gift Square Enix employees with a ramen donation.

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Final Fantasy XV’s latest bug is as hilarious as it is physics-defying【Video】

The last round of glitches was traumatizing for players, but this one looks like it’s worse for the game’s characters themselves.

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Video game fans pick the top 10 games they’d like to see made into an anime

One of Nintendo’s most popular franchises ranks high, but fails to snag survey’s top spot.

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Final Fantasy XV finally goes on sale, draws crowd to early-morning launch event in Tokyo【Pics】

Gamers set their alarms and brave the cold in Akihabara.

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Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano anthropomorphizes katana made from a meteorite

Illustration and blade that inspired it to be shown together at Tokyo museum.

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Final Fantasy XV’s latest playable demo is full of hilariously terrifying bugs【Photos, videos】

Gamers report that bizarre fused characters and man/machine hybrids appear while sometimes the entire ocean does not.

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Final Fantasy XV might end up having playable female characters after all

Square Enix producer cites amount of demand as key factor in decision whether or not to add controllable heroines to upcoming video game.

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This Michigan Starbucks barista looks just like a Final Fantasy character

It’s hard to believe this photo of a barista in a Michigan Starbucks is a real photograph of a real person, not an image created by the team at Square Enix.
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Final Fantasy characters become giant plushies, take over Tokyo’s Shibuya Station 【Photos】

Some of the video game franchise’s greatest heroes appear in promotion for its latest title.

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Cosplayer reveals secrets behind her awesome transformation into Lightning from Final Fantasy

From the wig to the makeup and even the elaborate costume, these eye-opening video tutorials will help improve any type of cosplay.

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Tokyo’s new Square Enix Cafe is open, and we just stuffed our faces at the video game eatery

The makers of Final Fantasy are also now the makers of awesome burgers and cake at this Akihabara restaurant and gift shop.

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Square Enix Cafe opening in Tokyo next month with revolving themes, delicious-looking sandwiches

The video game developer always makes aesthetics a priority in its software, and it looks like it’s doing the same for its new restaurant in Akihabara.

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Final Fantasy XV Guys Chill Out with Nissin Cup Noodles

Cup Noodle sidequest, in-game product placement shown

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Final Fantasy masks turn the Tokyo Game Show floor into a creepily handsome place to be 【Photos】

Final Fantasy XV still hasn’t been released, but its heroes were out and about all over the Tokyo Game Show.

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