Shannon McNaught

Shannon is originally from New Hampshire in the USA, the land of lots of trees and moose. A love of Japanese music inspired her to study Japanese, and after a year of study abroad during university, she decided to move to Tokyo in 2014. She’s been working, rocking out, and exploring Japan ever since. Shannon currently works as an English teacher and freelance translator. She also manages her own Visual kei news site (linked below). Despite having a wealth of knowledge about more recent music, her ultimate favorite bands tend to hail from the 90’s. Shannon will be happy if you give her tea, pizza, or a cat.

All Stories by Shannon McNaught

All aboard the Catbus at Ghibli Museum’s 15th Anniversary Celebration!

Okay, there isn’t actually a working Catbus there, but you can see the next best thing!

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In Japan and the rest of the world, 2017 comes with a bit of extra time thanks to the leap second

Have you ever wished you had just a little more time? Well, you should have been more specific!

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Tiny houses are back and more versatile than ever with Yadokari and Enjoyworks’ Skeleton Huts!

Would you like your new tiny house in Small or Large?

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Judge your state of health just by looking at your…feet?

Skip the doctor’s office and look deep into your sole.*

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Tottori’s shrines have some of the most adorable charms you’ve ever seen!

Attract good vibes in style.

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Pata the Otter celebrates her 20th birthday with a photo exhibit!

You otter brace yourself for a wave of cuteness.

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Big eyes, small face, slender arms and legs…here’s the ideal woman you’ve been praying for!

Sometimes you have to search outside the box to find what you’ve been hunting for.

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Want to know how hard they’ll pursue you? The secret to romance is all in the hands!

If you really want to know if someone’s going to chase you for love, ask if you can take a quick peek at their fingers.

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An insider’s look at how Salvador Dali’s beloved traditional Japanese-style umbrellas are made

Just what is it about Japanese style umbrellas that captured Salvador Dali’s heart? HIYOSHIYA may give you a hint or two.

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