Shannon McNaught

Shannon is originally from New Hampshire in the USA, the land of lots of trees and moose. A love of Japanese music inspired her to study Japanese, and after a year of study abroad during university, she decided to move to Tokyo in 2014. She’s been working, rocking out, and exploring Japan ever since. Shannon currently works as an English teacher and freelance translator. She also manages her own Visual kei news site (linked below). Despite having a wealth of knowledge about more recent music, her ultimate favorite bands tend to hail from the 90’s. Shannon will be happy if you give her tea, pizza, or a cat.

Posted by Shannon McNaught

Japanese dad has heartwarming and creative solution to son’s bad morning

We wish our dads treated us like this when we didn’t want to go to school, too.

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South Korea’s Honey Butter Mix Nuts snack has us totally addicted

What do you get when you put sweet, salty, and nutty together in one snack? Pure addiction.

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Goat added as official member to Japanese idol group

An idol’s got to do what an idol’s goat to do.

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Japanese Twitter user gets help from Thomas the Tank Engine for cooling drinks 【Video】

Toys aren’t just for kids – they can also make our lives easier.

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So what does Japan’s new Lawson Tomato Latte drink taste like? We tried it out!

Does tomato plus milk equals deliciousness?

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This isn’t a Harry Potter photo – it’s an incredible colored pencil portrait from a Japanese fan!

Even magic couldn’t make this picture look any better.

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Thief steals brake handles, control panel, and more from train in Shizuoka

Has your train ever been stopped because there was literally no brakes in it?

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Muji Ginza’s freshly baked bread is our new favorite thing

Fresh bread at Muji for under 100 yen (US$0.91)? Insanity.

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There’s a Corgi cafe in Thailand and it looks just like heaven【Photos】

Fulfill your fantasy of being bombarded by a pack of Corgis.

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Zara’s new woven sandals resemble traditional Japanese footwear, turn heads in Japan

Is it just a coincidence that these shoes resemble traditional Japanese footwear so closely?

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Kyoto’s famous Gion Festival celebrates its 1150th anniversary with…crowdfunding?

You have the chance to contribute to this festival’s 1,150th anniversary.

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Our honest review of Family Mart’s new bite-sized Pokechiki chicken

Could this new lineup possibly be better than Famichiki?

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We try a Family Mart Frappe produced by a former SMAP member

Layer upon layer of flavor brings you to cheesecake bliss.

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Tokyo hotel hosts cat exhibit with over 3,000 cat-related art pieces!

Now’s your chance to see how much Japan has loved cats since the Heian Period.

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Dog valiantly saves owner from an uncomfortable prank 【Video】

This dog will keep you out of harm’s way and out of embarrassment’s way.

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Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts designer shop to open in Osaka for a limited time!

You can take home the magic of Hogwarts with you right from Osaka.

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Minds blown by wire art that shows transition to from old Japanese era to new【Video】

This creative depiction of Japan’s new era will play tricks on your mind and your eyes.

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Enjoy beautiful Japanese snacks and tea at Saryo Fukucha in Kyoto

Japanese sweets and teas every bit as elegant and colorful as Kyoto itself.
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Viewing Yokohama cherry blossoms on a stand up paddle board!

How do you find the best views of riverside sakura? In the river.
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Real-world music shop from K-On! anime closes its doors, but the music isn’t ending

If this particular anime pilgrimage spot was on your bucket list, you won’t be able to cross it off anymore (well, at least in its original location).

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