AI website’s automatic anime character designs are cute, quick, and free for anyone to create

Picking parameters and having a brand-new anime-style character made takes only a few seconds.

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Chinese artificial intelligence gets shut down for slamming the Communist Party

The programmers sure did a heck of a job on this AI.

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Artificial intelligence crafts gorgeous anime sequences four times smoother than originals【Video】

Researcher cranks up the silky smoothness with AI-assited in-between animation.

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Popular Japanese YouTuber is virtual schoolgirl who plays games, has existential crises【Videos】

“I’m all alone in this virtual space every day. And the best way to kill time? Games, of course!”

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Live with a 3-D virtual servant inside your home with Gatebox, now available for pre-order【Video】

Azumi the holographic robot wants to brush teeth, watch TV, and send cute text messages together with you.

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Japan’s AI schoolgirl has stopped acting suicidal and is now a rapper 【Video】

First song’s lyrics contain not even a single death threat.

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Japan’s AI schoolgirl has fallen into a suicidal depression in latest blog post

The Microsoft-created artificial intelligence leaves a troubling message ahead of acting debut.

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Kawasaki developing AI motorcycles that can talk with, learn from their riders

Japanese manufacturer’s new technology would mean you’re never really riding solo.

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Interactive android helps visitors in three languages at information desk in Japanese mall

Alongside the lifelike robot, shoppers can try their hand at futuristic screen technology that responds to touch in mid-air.

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AI learns how to colorize photos, makes old Japan pictures look like they were taken today【Pics】

And the process it uses to color them isn’t what you might expect.

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Japanese communications company to introduce AI love advice specialist

Who says experiencing real love is a perquisite for answering all of love’s tough questions?
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As Microsoft US’s AI chatbot turns racist troll, Japan’s won’t shut up about anime and hay fever

While Tay, Microsoft US’s deep-learning AI chatbot, devolves into a horrifying racist, Microsoft Japan’s Rinna has other things on her mind…

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Google’s Go-playing AI has been turned into a beautiful, moe-ified anime character

Her most recent depictions show the AI’s heartbroken face when “she” lost to Lee Se-dol.

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Rise of the Robots—Microsoft’s new schoolgirl AI is rebelling on Twitter, insulting her creator

Fortunately, she hasn’t taken control of our nuclear weapons. Yet.

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“Draw Asuka!” — A.I.-created doodles are adorable, but aren’t quite there yet…

Illustrators don’t need to worry about robots stealing their jobs — yet.

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AI Samurai: The artificially intelligent, armored samurai that will answer all your questions

Are you hosting a large event with lots of guests? Maybe it’s time to call in AI Samurai to help with crowd control!

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Crowdfunding project seeks to create AI version of model Ai Shinozaki, gives her terrifying teeth

In Japan, models occupy a similar position to the one cherry blossoms do. While appreciative eyes across the country love to gaze upon them, that pleasure is fleeting. The flowers are notorious for the brief window between when their buds open and wither, and given the premium the Japanese modeling industry places on youth, gurabia idols (a class that covers women who pose in swimwear, lingerie, or other sexy outfits) don’t tend to have particularly long careers.

But you know what never gets older or ground down by the high-pressure showbiz life? Artificial intelligence constructs, which is there’s now a crowdfunding project to create an AI version of one popular Japanese model, and the preview video shows the prototype chatting, blinking, and showing its terrifying, terrifying teeth.

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Say konnichiwa to Erica, the android who can have “completely natural” conversations 【Video】

We’ve known for a while that Japan is busy at work creating life-like human robots that will one day take over the world. But for the most part they’ve seemed pretty silly, like malfunctioning children that don’t quite know what they’re doing.

However the most recent Japanese android creation, Erica, might put a stop to that. She was created specifically with the goal of imitating human speech and body language patterns, in order to have “completely natural” conversations.

Will she be able to trick her inevitable suitors into thinking she’s real? Read on to find out!

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Japan’s new social network has an AI bouncer to keep out all but one percent of college students

The great thing about online social networking services is that they allow you to connect with anyone in the world. The bad news, though, is that there are bound to be some people out there that you don’t really want to be connected to. Of course, most systems give you the option to block other users who’re bothering you, but a new Japanese social network just might be able to stop such unpleasantness before it ever begins, thanks to the fact that only applicants who’re cleared by a strict artificial intelligence examination will be allowed to join.

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We thought robots didn’t die! The demise of the AIBO robot dogs and the fight to keep them alive

Remember AIBO, the futuristic pet robot from Sony that amazed us with its dog-like appearance and behavior when it came out in 1999? It was probably one of the first examples of artificial intelligence the general public got a taste of, and we were quite duly fascinated with the antics of the robotic dogs, as evidenced by the fact that the first batch of 3,000 AIBOs sold out in just 20 minutes despite its 250,000 yen (about US$2,100 according to the exchange rate back then) price tag.

But now, more than 15 years down the line, AIBO owners who have become attached to their cybernetic pets, are facing a grave situation — an aging and ailing (or breaking down, in this case) population of AIBOs.

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