From “Beauty” to “Burn It!!” in the Blink of an Eye: Five Monstrous Animated GIFs

There’s an old saying in Japan that, roughly translated into English, goes something like this: “In three days one tires of beauty and warms to plainness.”

No matter how physically attractive a person is, spend enough time with them and eventually its effects start to fade. On the other hand, even the most unremarkable of faces begin to show beauty over time. It’s rare, though, to see both incredible beauty and something that you could use to frighten your children into behaving with in the same face.

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Five Cute Things Girls Do in Winter: Japan’s Men Share their Favourites

For many of us in the northern hemisphere, winter is finally showing signs of packing up and leaving us alone for a while. People are starting to use their heaters less or, wear fewer layers and, if you live in a paper-thin, central heating-less house in Japan like I do, risk not putting on a woolly hat when going to bed at night.

But winter in Japan isn’t all bad! There are beautiful snow festivals and alternative snow cones to be enjoyed! And, according to a report over on Japan’s R25 news site, even wrapped up in all that winter weather gear, the nation’s ladies still manage to look so very, very cute.

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You’ve Got Pooh in Your Phone: Disney Earphone Jack Plugs Arrive to Cuten up Your Mobile

Is your smart phone too dull? Are you constantly terrified that foreign bodies may enter its earphone jack? Disney and phone accessory experts Plug Apli have just the thing for you!

We’ve seen socket plugs before, but this is probably the first time we’ve ever been given the option to buy half a Disney character and make it look like he’s struggling to get his over-sized rear into the headphone hole…

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And the Oscar Goes to… Kitten Taking First Bath in Tiny Cup!

It’s considered common knowledge that cats hate water, but recently YouTube has been awash (get it?) with cats enjoying their bath time. In this latest addition, kitten Hana-chan experiences a bath for the first time, displaying the range of expression with normally associate with Hollywood’s finest. Check out her journey from terror to bliss after the jump! Read More

Sexy Kitten Girl Has a Surprise for You 【Video】

Well hel-lo there! I guess it must be Friday!

Once again, courtesy of our friends at Niconico, we have a very special video for you today to help usher in the weekend and put a big smile on your faces. So how does a gorgeous girl in cat ears doing a cute dance sound? Good, right? Come on- this is RocketNews24; it couldn’t really be that straightforward, could it?

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Warmhearted DJ Spins for Kindergarten, Kids Go Mental 【Video】

Proving once again that Gloria Estefan was right and that the rhythm is gonna get you, Japanese DJ Kazuhiro Abo’s fantastic video shows a 10-minute session he did during visit to a kindergarten as part of a workshop appropriately titled “Kids and Music”. Although it takes the little ones a while to get moving at first, once they’re all up on their feet they’re bouncing and spinning around as only kids can do.

The full cute, chaotic video after the jump.

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Baby Fennecs Explode Internet With Cuteness

Behold the baby fennec fox in his terrible cuteness. Who can look away from those guileless, soul-stealing eyes? Who can resist the temptation to scritch those fluffy ears, to boop that weeny little nose?! Admit it, you just reached out to your screen, didn’t you?

Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one to find themselves defenseless in the face of such adorableness. When pictures were posted on the message board Hamusoku this week, the squees could be heard all around the Internet. More photos after the break. Read More

Interspecies Love Story: Dog and Wounded Bird Become BFFs

Five years ago, a dog and bird met for the first time, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Here is their story. Read More

“Unofficial” Mascot for Funabashi Rockets to Fame, Jiggles Into our Hearts

Lots of prefectures and cities around Japan have mascots, called yuru-kyara, to promote tourism and local products. Sometimes they get together to break world records in synchronized dancing. Sometimes they appear in commercials. Sometimes they are forced to sumo wrestle each other. But mostly they attend regional events for endless photo ops and to be poked by children.

One might assume that the hardworking people inside those mascot suits are being paid a fair wage to put up with such grueling work, but one of the most popular yuru-kyara to come along lately not only performs his superhuman acts of mascot buffoonery for free, but he isn’t even the official mascot of his hometown!

Meet Funassyi, unofficial mascot for Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, and just try not to laugh at his jiggly antics. Read More

Highschool Hijinks, Animé Adoration and Mega Man【Videos】

It’s Friday! Glad to see you all made it.

What a week it’s been. We’ve seen raging AKB48 fans, 98-year-old college students, hand grenades in the mail, all-you-can-eat natto, and of course those hilarious Photoshop creations from China. But that’s not all! Courtesy of our pals over at Niconico, we’ve got three genuinely awesome videos for you right here!

Awkward high school boys, 80s video game hero Mega Man and a crying baby who simply adores Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, all after the jump.

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It’s Hump Day! Take a Tip from Our Furry Friend Maru and Relax

Japanese Internet celebrity Maru has been on the scene for a few years now, shooting to stardom when his owner, YouTube user Mugumogu, uploaded a series of videos of the cat launching himself into boxes and paper bags seemingly far too small to accommodate him. These days, he’s taking life a little easier, but I think we could all learn a thing or two from Maru: the undisputed king of sunshine naps.

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Too Cute to Eat? A Berry Special Treat for Cat Lovers and Hello Kitty Fans!

It’s strawberry season in Japan! Bright red ruby-like berries are now on display at supermarkets everywhere, and many restaurants and pastry shops are promoting strawberry cakes and confectionaries. And it all looks positively mouth-watering. But a certain berry that has recently been the topic of attention among Japanese Twitter users may be almost too cute to eat! Read More

Japanese Netizen’s Pet Hamster Needs to Go on a Diet【Photo】

It’s not just today’s kids who are feeling the effects of a high-calorie, low exercise lifestyle; some of our pets are getting a little wide around the waist, too. Shared by a Japanese Twitter user late last week, this photo shows a hamster that could do with spending a little more time on the running wheel as he can’t quite squeeze himself down his plastic slide. Cute/sad/funny photo after the break.

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Spain-Style Hello Kitty Created By Barcelona Olympic Artist, Javier Mariscal

Hello Kitty gets a funky new makeover!

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Cute or Not Cute? Five Things Women Do That Men Really May Not Be Into

If you hadn’t already noticed, “cute” is a huge part of Japanese culture. From franchised characters known around the world (yes, all the usual favorites like Hello Kitty and Pokémon, to name but two) to local government mascots, Japan is full of cute in various shapes and sizes. But when it comes to passing judgment on what constitutes cute behavior from girls and what doesn’t, there seems to be a significant difference of opinion between the sexes.

See what you think of the opinion of some Japanese men collected on Japanese summary site NAVER Matome. Does any of it ring a bell? Read More

Fluffy “Space Balls” Want to Keep Your Apartment Dust Free!

What is it with Japan and weird cleaning devices today? No sooner have we received news of a remote-controlled “awesome mop” and driveable dustbin than these fluffy little creatures turn up intent on keeping our homes clean!

Going by the moniker Mocoro (a play on the word marimo, a round, fluffy moss ball, and korokoro the onomatopoeic word for a rolling object) these new time savers/lazifiers from Japanese home appliance company CCP are designed to roll around your room picking up dust while you put your feet up.

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Feline Fantasy: Japanese Homebuilder Creates Ultimate Home for Cat Lovers and their Furry Friends

How much do you love your cat? Really, how much? Would you consider purchasing an entire home specifically designed to make life as pleasant as possible for your favorite feline? If so, Japanese homebuilder Asahi Kasei may have just what you’re looking for. And for the hardcore cat lover, it just might be—sorry can’t resist—the cat’s meow.
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Keep Your Phone’s Earphone Jack Clean with These “Glued to the Toilet” Plugs

We’re sure that there are plenty of people out there who enjoyed just a smidgen too much alcohol or Christmas pudding over holidays and ended up glued to the toilet as a result. Or, if you’re situated in this writer’s native UK, perhaps you’ve recently become acquainted with the chuckle-fest that is Noro virus as it sweeps through the nation like a modern-day diarrhoea and vomit-sponsored Beatlemania.

Well now you can relive that episode of gastric hell on earth with these cute earphone jack stoppers featuring tiny black and white plastic figures clinging to the toilet for dear life while appealing to the gods to “let it stop, oh please let it stop!”

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Starbucks Japan Serving Cups of Cheer for the New Year

It all started with a simple message: “Benkyou Ganbare.” Good luck with your studies.

And then the pictures of Starbucks cups came rolling in.

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McDonald’s Turned into Maid Cafe in Taiwan

While McDonald’s Japan has been known to run some customer-pleasing promotions in the past, no amount of free hamburgers can top the stunt performed by the young female crew of one Taiwanese McDonald’s, who dressed up in pink maid outfits on New Year’s Eve.

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