Forget bearskin rugs, brighten up your workspace with this cool Totoro mouse pad

Although we’d positively abhor the very thought of seeing one of our favourite Studio Ghibli characters skinned and laid face-up on the hardwood floor of our cavernous offices, it wasn’t until we stumbled upon this fluffy Totoro mouse pad that we realised how much we’d love to have him adorning our desks at work.

Yep, thanks to, now both Totoro and the eternally grinning Catbus can be yours for just a few dollars, at once making all of your coworkers jealous and worrying household pets.

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Cat smartphone stand hopes to become newest Internet meme in Japan

Just when we thought the clever smartphone stand market was tapped out, here comes this little cat stand. Created by Kitan Club, a Japanese capsule toy company, the stand features a cat that looks as if he’s trying to hold back an attacker, with a gaping mouth that seems to scream, “You shall not pass!” (or the cat language equivalent). The stand also features a suction cup to help hold up the smartphone.

But you don’t have to limit this little guy to smartphones, he can help hold back a variety of intruders as demonstrated by Kitan Club.

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Maru turns six, Celebrates with an adorable video montage!

Maru, the world’s most loved cat, just turned six! In celebration of his birthday, Maru’s owner made a video compilation of  his antics during 2012. The video already has over one million views in three days.

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Wanted! Good smartphones for cute dogs to sit on

Smartphones have a lot of great features to keep us entertained during long train rides and solo cafe visits. One of their most surprising benefits though, has to be the tiny hole at the top of the phone. We all know it’s a port for your earphones, but what do you do for the other twenty three hours of the day when it’s just a boring black hole? You stuff it with cuteness of course! And these playful pups are here to keep you company so you’ll never be alone again.

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Cute sleepy animals captivate Japan, teach us some new vocabulary at the same time!【GIF Gallery】

People in Japan have an uncanny ability to nod off in broad daylight. Take a ride on any train here, and you’ll see people falling asleep just like the cute pup above. While the long working hours and commitments of the obligation-based society send people to slumber, we’re not sure what’s overworking them in the animal world. The overwhelming desire for some shut-eye has struck a chord with Japanese net users, who have fallen in love with these animated GIFs of dozing animals. Let’s take a look at this unbearably cute collection and learn a few new interesting Japanese words from native commenters along the way.

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Time for Your Hump-Day Treat! Kitty Shows Us How to Relax 【Video】

This cute kitty doesn’t care if he looks a bit silly, because he’s having the time of his life! Read More

First Year Lolita Studies: Sewing, patterning, and cute!

The Japan Lolita Association, presided over by an official “Kawaii (cute) Ambassador,” was only established this February—but they’ve wasted no time spreading cuteness, both nationally and internationally. In addition to opening member registration world-wide, this April saw them going one step further with the creation of a unique two-year technical college course.

That’s right, now you can get your credentials in cuteness!

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Japan’s Top 10 Favourite Cat Breeds for 2013: Who will be Top Cat?

There’s no doubt that Japanese people are fond of their cats. After all, many of them have grown up with a furry friend companion, even if it was only a virtual cat like Doraemon or Hello Kitty. Now, there are cat cafes where people can pay to pass the time with some feline company, and owners can enhance their relationships with a spot of cat massage. With all this feline love, though, we have to wonder which breeds would be the nation’s most beloved? To find out, we toyed with the idea of putting puss against puss in an old-fashioned beauty pageant. But then, after thinking about the inevitable cat-fights, we decided to take a look at a survey of 10,000 respondents instead. Surprisingly, the top ten breeds remain unchanged again this year, as they have for several years. Read More

Koko, the Totes Adorbs Scottish Fold

It’s just been one of those weeks. You have to rent a boyfriend, we’re under attack by marshmallow goo, and all that salt you dumped in while cooking your spaghetti was a total waste.

It’s times like these that you just wish the Internet would give you what you really want: pictures of adorable cats.

Well, you’re in luck, because we got ’em! Read More

Shiba Inu or Pomeranian? A Haircut Reveals a New Cute Dog: the Shibaranian

It’s amazing what a good haircut can do. It can change the way people see you and bring out features you never knew you had. That’s certainly what happened to Moru the Pomeranian, who went in for a short cut and came out looking like a whole new breed. Now he’s the Shibaranian, fooling us all with his cute Shiba Inu disguise. And it seems we’ll be seeing more pups like Moru soon, with many owners giving the cut to their Pomeranians to help them cope with the summer heat.

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Neko Font: Let Cats Do the Talking for You!

If it’s taking up residence on beds of sushi, winning hearts with adorable poses or curling up on your face while you sleep, the cats of the world seem to be inching closer to world domination with each passing day. They’ve certainly got a hold of the netisphere, and now they’re writing their names all over it, turning their noses up at the alphabet of boring humans and replacing it with a much cuter one of their own. It’s a free font generator called neko font (cat font), and you can play with it too. It makes even the most boring of words absolutely adorable!

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How to Bathe Your Cat in Three Easy Steps 【Photo Gallery】

Most cats hate water, right? That’s why they go through the trouble of licking themselves and coughing up disgusting clumps of their own fur, all in an attempt to avoid ever having to be cleaned. Despite this fact, many people insist on bathing their hydrophobic felines. If you are one of these people, here’s a handy three step guide to bathing your cat (awesome/pitiful pictures included).

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When Two Amazing Worlds Collide: Welcome to the World of Cat Sushi!

There’s a new breed of sushi in town, and it’s called nekozushi (cat sushi). These unusual creatures live in an alternate reality, travelling between worlds on colourful sushi train plates, stopping to stare at passers-by for just long enough to get them thinking, “Did I really see that?” before zooming off again. Rare sightings have been reported over the years but no-one’s ever been able to really prove the existence of a sushi cat. Until now.

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Even Your Creepy Male Otaku Friend Can Become a Real Princess with this Hotel’s ‘Pretty Cure’ Stay Plan

Nothing says “luxury vacation” like staying in a hotel room dolled up like a little girl’s dream bedroom. At least, that’s what the Ikenotaira Hotel in Nagano is banking on with the “DokiDoki! Precure Stay Plan.”

DokiDoki! Precure (also known as Pretty Cure) is an anime series popular with elementary school-aged girls in Japan (and, inevitably, a number of creepy middle-aged otaku men) that focuses on a Sailor Moon-esque team of teenaged wizard girls. Read More

No Kisses For You! Cute Shiba Inu Refuses Owner’s Persistent Advances【Video】

Meet Mari, the cute Shiba Inu who likes to play hard-to-get. If Mari looks familiar, it may be because she’s a bit of a movie star on the Internet. She’s appeared in dozens of short films with her owner, playing the roles of train passenger, religious sect founder and even tambourine player in her master’s two-piece band. She’s also spent time as a strict homework supervisor.  Now Mari seems to be showing her true colours, refusing her owner’s requests to pucker up for a smooch, with all the scorn and indignation of a displeased cat. This clip is one of their cutest and most hilarious pet-owner collaborations to date! Check out their video after the jump.

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Cute Kyoto! We Taste Hidden Delights From a Traditional Sweet House in Pontocho

Pontocho is one of Kyoto’s most beautiful geisha districts. With traditional tea houses, restaurants and bars all crowded together along atmospheric, stone-paved narrow lanes, this area breathes the air of an old, timeless Kyoto. Within its maze of weaving, intersecting alleyways, there are plenty of secrets to discover and hidden areas to explore. Walking through Pontocho, you might notice one of its many mysteries: the area is dotted with Japanese paper lanterns, all bearing the mark of the chidori, the plover bird. They’re incredibly beautiful, but why would a cute chidori design come to be on such traditional products?

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How to Make a Hatsune Miku Bento

Hatsune Miku is now coming to a bento near you (that is if you have to time and patience to make her). The folks over at Japanese culture website, Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi, have just created a step-by-step video explaining how to make an edible version of everyone’s favorite vocaloid.

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Grumpy Cat is Not Pleased After Japanese Wool Felt Artist Shaves The Furry Bits

Wool felt crafting is fast becoming a popular hobby these days. With new techniques and innovative designs, more and more people are taking out their needles and dusting off their glue guns to test the boundaries of the craft. The results are wide and varied; some crafters choose to create cute, brightly coloured toys and accessories, and others prefer to sculpt half-shaved animals with pissed off faces.

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Ever Wanted to Give Your Eraser a Cute Haircut? Well Now You can!

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a hairdresser, then you’re probably always on the lookout for a willing model to work on. Well, now you can sit down and relax because these cute eraser heads are here to help you out! Called the “Rubber Barber”, these adorable erasers will happily deal with your mistakes in return for a sweet new haircut. Hairdresser or not, these cute little erasers will have you rubbing every surface in sheer delight!

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Not All Instruction Manuals Are Created Equal– Toshiba Laptop Manual Brings the Cute

Instruction manuals: the last bastions of hope when your new toy doesn’t seem to be working properly. For those of us who grew up around gadgets like iPods, PCs, games consoles and TVs, the instruction books that come with our latest purchases are rarely even glanced at, often doomed to spend the rest of their days in the back of a dusty cupboard or quickly stuffed into a recycle bin. If all instruction manuals were as cute as Toshiba’s latest offering, though, perhaps a few more of us would be inclined to break them open every once in a while.

Bundled alongside Toshiba’s dynabook series of notebook computers, this illustrated instruction manual features cute and cuddly anthropomorphic seal character Para-chan and school uniform-wearing Mana-chan, who guide us through everything from set-up to getting the most out of our machine.

Reading attentively and following the steps like we’re supposed to just got that little bit more otaku.

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