Crazy Tokyo cheeseburger turns concept inside-out with cheese on the outside, bread on the inside

Journal Standard comes up with a burger that’s anything but standard, and also inordinately delicious.

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We try a MAX-sized bento in Beppu, doesn’t even fit in the box

Clearly quantity is not an issue here. So, how is the quality?

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Wendy’s Japan replaces bun with meat in new sandwich, touts its low-carb nutritional merits

For those times when you want two burgers’ worth of meat and zero burgers’ worth of bread.

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Mr. Sato makes his pole dancing performance debut after 8 months of serious workout 【Video】

He just can’t stop being a sexy beast, can he?

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Take on a triple-decker cutlet at Tokyo’s hot new restaurant: “Tonkatsu is a Drink”

While the “Kanno Mille-Fueille Set” may sound dainty, this mountain of meat from Tonkatsu is a Drink is anything but.

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Here’s a handy Japan cycling hack: pump up your tires for free at any police box

Feeling a little flat while riding your bike in Japan? Stop by the cop shop!

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