Katy Kelly

Katy has been enamored with Japan since she was a kid in Cheshire, England watching Digimon on old VHS tapes. Later, when she got into the Japanese independent music scene, she discovered it was so hard to learn anything about her favorite bands in English that she may as well start studying Japanese. After a year abroad at university in Tokyo she decided to return and work in the Kansai area, where she achieved minor superstardom amongst elementary and middle school students for knowing how to draw Crayon Shin-chan when prompted. In her free time, Katy can be found at home, tracking down the latest chocolate mint additions to stores and studying Japanese while her enormous tuxedo cat tries to smother her. She also does part-time translation for her own benefit, which mostly means researching the minutiae of mobile games or reading manga before anyone can spoil them for her. http://moonlitemuseum.tumblr.com

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Which American-inspired Japanese McDonald’s sandwich stacks up? We munch all four to find out!

The Texas and Idaho burgers and McMuffins have hit branches across Japan, and we send our man on the ground to tear into them.

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Plastic model fan turns to explosives to make Gundam battle scars extra-realistic【Video】

If you can’t spend hours meticulously painting the blast damage onto your figure, just wrap it in bombs.

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Japanese Lego genius rigs up a working machine gun made of plastic blocks【Video】

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to Lego, and that’s why you can make a functional machine gun out of it.

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New train ad in Japan advocates for leaving texts a while without a response, sparks debate

These new train safety ads tell travelers that any friends who’d drop you for a late response aren’t friends at all.

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“The taste of a liar!” Japanese teacher arrested for licking student’s ear

The teacher declared that he could tell if students were lying if he licked their ears, just like a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure character.

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“I am actually a homosexual”: Memories of when a Japanese boss came out to his subordinate

P.K. Sanjun thinks back to his first full-time job, and the boss who told him everything.

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Trick or Trafficking? Japanese mafia hand out candy to kids on Halloween, get away with it again

Gangsters from the yakuza group Yamaguchi-gumi were spotted with cute treat bags, surrounded by smiling children and furious adults.

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Japanese audiences absolutely lose it at their cheesy poster for foreign horror movie

The original audiences get eye-squinching, skin-prickling images of horror. Japan gets a poster befitting a zany comedy.

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We take a 100-yen MP3 player for a test drive, live to tell the tale

What’s the lowest you’ve ever paid for a piece of tech? Our Japanese-language reporter Seiji might have you beat.

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Japanese YouTuber seeking last minute hotel lodgings finds room for one that “might be a bit big”

CEO of virtual YouTuber agency found himself sleeping in a cavernous room that dwarfed his tiny bed, to the delight of netizens.

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Adorable chinchilla from Japan uses floor seat as a see-saw, sets hearts hammering【Videos】

This cute pet rodent has a whale of a time with a simple floor chair, and we do too just from watching it!

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We investigate 7-Eleven’s new Crunchy Chocolate Mille Crêpes Cake, shiver with decadence

We’re struck senseless by the seductive dessert, and take an array of scintillating shots to show off its sexy side.

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Japanese woman’s super sweet birthday surprise from husband comes all the way from Moominvalley

The cozy photos of a fun day spent with a Moomin friend had everyone online clamoring for a visit, too!

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Animation studio formed by ex-Pixar employees to helm anime project The Mystery of Kumamon

Tonko House will take responsibility for bringing Kumamon’s exploits overseas in a future animation project.

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We run a camellia oil-infused brush through our tresses and set them a-gleam, only spend 100 yen

Our in-house bargain beauty buff has found yet another method to upgrade his locks. How shiny can a 100-yen camellia oil brush make your hair?

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Shiseido promises confidence for the lovelorn with their spellbinding new makeup ad【Video】

This new commercial stars Halloween costumes, luscious visuals, lipstick that dances and leaps from your face… plus a sweet, inclusive ending.

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“This ticket makes any wish come true”: Love stops a Japanese teenager from taking his own life

A Twitter user talks of how his mother’s demonstration of love brought him back from the brink, and others share their own stories.

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Mr. Sato finally experiences the zenith of bottom-wiping with 5,000 yen luxury toilet paper

Can luxury toilet paper really be worth the exorbitant price tag? Mr. Sato orders some of the finest on the market to try it out.
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Osaka shows off Great Britain’s flair with Hankyu department store’s Great British Fair!

Hankyu Umeda will showcase highlights from British culture, with spotlights on fantasy characters, cuisine and even Buckingham palace-style marches!

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We investigate the “secret menu” at Tendon Tenya: vegetable tempura for 210 yen?!

Mr. Sato knows a cheap way to chow down on Japan’s flaky fried food rice bowls, so he shared the trick with all of us!
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