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Katy has been enamored with Japan since she was a kid in Cheshire, England watching Digimon on old VHS tapes. Later, when she got into the Japanese independent music scene, she discovered it was so hard to learn anything about her favorite bands in English that she may as well start studying Japanese. After a year abroad at university in Tokyo she decided to return and work in the Kansai area, where she achieved minor superstardom amongst elementary and middle school students for knowing how to draw Crayon Shin-chan when prompted. In her free time, Katy can be found at home, tracking down the latest chocolate mint additions to stores and studying Japanese while her enormous tuxedo cat tries to smother her. She also does part-time translation for her own benefit, which mostly means researching the minutiae of mobile games or reading manga before anyone can spoil them for her. http://moonlitemuseum.tumblr.com

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Recon, Rescue, Research! Japan’s Coast Guard’s videos of kick-ass action in glorious HD【Video】

Japan’s Coast Guard celebrates its 70th year anniversary by showcasing its bad-assery: blocking terrorists, saving swimmers and cleaning the ocean.

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A Finger-lickin’ Phantom? Terrifying statue haunts Japanese Twitter user biking home

A Japanese user shared a terrifying tale of a ghostly gentleman who appeared to accost him – and according to the Internet, he’s a repeat offender.

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Love blooms after loss: Japanese netizen commemorates grandparents’ romance, gardening skills

Twitter user is taking the gorgeous blossom that bloomed after her grandmother’s passing as a token of her grandfather’s deep and abiding love.

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Japanese food engineers have created a cabbage jelly that you can eat, if you want

No one asked for a product like this, but hey, now you can eat cabbage in jelly form!

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One in four surveyed Japanese workers admits to wanting to kill boss, Osaka quake helps show why

The results of a recent survey come with Twitter horror stories about power-hungry superiors pushing their staff around, even mid-crisis.

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Twitter thread sparks debate on Japanese vs American sick leave policies, overwork culture

Should I stay or should I go? A Japanese employee shares some insight from his American boss about when to take time to recuperate.
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Celebrate National Cucumber Day by learning about the cucumber-loving yokai, the kappa

Why DO kappa flip their lids for cucumber? No better time to investigate that than June 14, recognized around the globe as Cucumber Day.

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Real Japanese horror story: a specimen shelf at a Kagoshima high school held a real human skull

These high school students won’t have any shortage of material for their next summer camp excursion, that’s for sure.

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Michelin-approved Motenashi Kuroki in Akihabara serves salt soba that stuns and satisfies

Our Japanese-language reporter heads to Akihabara to see why this bowl of noodles scored its creators a Bib Gourmand, and leaves both stuffed and smiling.

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Red, white… Beige? Twitter user overhears a children’s song with creepy implications

Out of the mouths of children comes some really messed up stuff, apparently. Twitter users lend a helping hand with deciphering the lyrics.

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Hamtaro in hiding? Japanese internet notices mysterious disappearance of cute character’s Twitter

One of Japan’s most famous children’s mascots has vanished from Twitter, and we only have his final words as a clue.

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Weird Japanese vending machine art installation has us sweaty, disturbed

Stay out too long in the direct heat, and this is what might happen to you.

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P.E. advice from an old teacher has Japanese Twitter saying nice things about exercise for once

If you naturally flee from physical activity, maybe you just have to focus on when you get faster at it.
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Okinawa’s captivating city halls will make you wonder what floor the final boss is lurking at

This Twitter thread makes a great showcase of government halls you could grind EXP inside, instead of just grinding your teeth.

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We taste test Baby Star Ramen on Ice Cream: 10 points apiece for crunchiness, creaminess

Our Japanese-languge reporter heads to 7-Eleven to grab the most hotly anticipated cold treat fusion of the season.

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Love Live! Sunshine!! debuts sailor uniform rucksacks and pouches that look like an anime girl’s torso

The idol anime mega franchise has a new set of stylish bags to prove your devotion to Uranohoshi High, but they might be daunting to wear outside.

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No yolk! Tamagoya egg café’s new menu disguises French toast, pancakes as other breakfast foods

A Shizuoka cafe has ‘laid’ out a spread of tasty egg delights that mirror classic Japanese and Western breakfasts, as well as new ovoid desserts!

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Rent-a-kitty Rooms! Twitter user liveblogs ryokan inn with a special ‘rental cat’ option

A Twitter user caused a ker-fluff-le with adorable photos from her lodgings in Hakone, where you can pick a cat to accompany you during your stay.
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Japanese Coast Guard mascot Umimaru turns 20, lends rank to Hello Kitty for cute merchandise

Japan’s Coast Guard has been around for 70 years, and mascot Umimaru for 20 – so it’s high time for a Hello Kitty teamup!

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“No seeds, please.” Pigeons in Japanese anti-birdfeed posters show startling self-awareness

The Internet has a great time with the “Please don’t feed the pigeons!” campaign, in which pigeons tell passers-by where they can stick their birdseed.

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