Fake yakuza arrested in Tokyo after threatening man who was walking while staring at a smartphone

Continued backlash against “arukisumaho” seen in social media users’ responses.

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Beautiful Japanese dessert looks like cube of crystal-blue water, only sold at convenience store

Gorgeous enough for the fanciest restaurant in Tokyo, this is actually available only from one of Japan’s most popular convenience store chains.

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Chance to see Japan bucket-list must-see scenery “Road to Laputa” gone for good?

Kumamoto Prefecture‘s stunning “Road To Laputa“, which looks like Studio Ghibli’s Castle in the Sky come to life, may close permanently.

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Can you make instant udon noodles with room-temperature water? We find out

We needed to know if the idea is worth the almost non-existent level of effort.

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We straight-up eat a beetle at possibly Japan’s craziest restaurant

And no, it does not taste like chicken.

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Super Mario and Princess Peach wedding registration forms make matrimony super in Japan

The first couple of Nintendo grace the legally binding documents.

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Spirited Away No Face soy sauce bottle and rice scoop will bring taste of Ghibli to your kitchen

Iconic character from Hayao Miyazaki anime is ready to terrify and/or charm you at mealtime.

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McDonald’s Japan has free smiles on its delivery menu, but does asking for one make a difference?

Genuine service, or meaningless marketing ploy? We conduct an experiment to see what happens if you pass on the Golden Arches’ offer to see some pearly whites.

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New Japanese augmented-reality service lets you meet with deceased loved ones at their graves

What better way to say hi than by actually saying hi?

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Crazy Tokyo cheeseburger turns concept inside-out with cheese on the outside, bread on the inside

Journal Standard comes up with a burger that’s anything but standard, and also inordinately delicious.

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Tokyo’s matcha green tea tuna sandwiches: A culinary wonder we didn’t know we needed until now

And they’ve even got a special surprise in place of ordinary bread.

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Japan’s new sailor suit-inspired swimsuits bring classroom style to the beach

New design and colors from designer with a knack for mixing sailor suits and swimwear.

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Hot and cold — Shirtless muscle man shaved ice cafe now open in Tokyo

Heat up your heart as you cool your body.

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Japanese man invites neighbor in for a few beers immediately after being shanked by him

A story out of Saitama Prefecture almost sounds like the script to a heartwarming movie. In an apartment house in Kawaguchi City, until a few days ago, two senior citizens were living next door to each other. The men shared a love of beer, and since they were both living alone, would even sometimes pass off their excess food to one another if they happened to buy too much at the grocery store.

Sure, 64-year-old Shingo Tsutsui didn’t like the noise his 70-year-old neighbor made walking around the hardwood floors of his thin-walled apartment, but that little bit of cantankerousness just adds to the Odd Couple-like appeal of the story, doesn’t it? Or at least it would, if Tsutsui had responded by contorting his face into comically frustrated expressions instead of what he actually did, which was to attack his neighbor with a kitchen knife.

As shocking as that is, though, it’s not nearly as unexpected as the victim’s reaction: inviting his attacker in to have a couple of beers together.

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A man’s wrist – Japan’s male version of a strip of exposed thigh?

In general, men have a very simple formula they use when determining how much female skin they like to see on display: the more, the better. This of course leads to the corollary, even more skin = even better.

One notable exception to this, however, is Japan’s love of knee-high socks, which leave a small patch of skin on display them and the hem of the skirt. Known as zettai ryouiki, or “absolute territory,” it’s become such a cultural phenomenon that it’s led to the creation of a smartphone game and not one, but two special days celebrating the look.

Now, one Twitter user in Japan claims to have discovered the male version of zettai ryouiki.

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Man Frames Octopus for Murder or Vice-Versa, Trial Ongoing in South Korea

In Incheon, South Korea, a bizarre murder trial is taking place surrounding the 2010 death of a 22 year-old woman, referred to as Ms. Y.  The defendant is her boyfriend, 31 year-old Mr. K.  Prosecutors are demanding that Mr. K be sentenced to death for her murder.

With a key piece of evidence missing, he must convince the court of his side of the story: an octopus did it.

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