Mr. Sato

We restore the magic-marker-painted Mr. Sato Car to its original $8 condition

Farewell Mr. Sato Car. It’s the end of an era, but with the promise of a new day.

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New photo app turns you, or Mr. Sato, into a sparklingly handsome shojo manga dreamboat【Photos】

From wannabe gangster to would-be 2-D heartthrob in just seconds.
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Let’s get some cash from Japan’s sexy anime men ATMs【Photos, video】

The Tokyo ATMs sound like the perfect cash dispensers for female otaku, so naturally we sent Mr. Sato to try them out.

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This is what Tokyo’s ultra-premium 12,960-yen (US$117) seaweed looks like

SoraNews24’s Mr. Sato continues to live the high life (sort of) as he pairs the most expensive nori he could find with the cheapest rice available.

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Mr. Sato visits newly opened gyoza restaurant, stuffs himself full of delectable dumplings

Japanese dumplings are considered a side dish at many restaurants, but at this store, they’re the star of the show.

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2,500 yen for Tokyo ramen? High-end noodles in the high-rent Ginza district are totally worth it

Mr. Sato once again fails to secure a cheap meal, continues to win at lunch thanks to two gourmet ingredients.

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Is it legal to wear a facekini on the streets of Tokyo? Mr. Sato asks Tokyo Metropolitan Police

Eye-catching, face-obscuring fashion from China protects your skin from harsh UV rays, makes you look like a crazed criminal.

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Mr. Sato tries to eat a cheap beef bowl, gets a massive, luxurious surprise in the process

Why could Mr. Sato possibly be freaking out over this delectable beef bowl?

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Mr. Sato goes fishing for compliments with the new Harajuku fashion: A fishing vest?!?

Mr. Sato always thought he was out of fashion. Turned out he was just way ahead of it.

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Mr. Sato may be only person on Earth who really liked the film “Armageddon of the Dead”

Mr. Sato revisits and reviews the 2012 classic that critics called “a confusing mess” and “so much unwanted junk.”

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Testing Japan’s sold-online love potion: Mr. Sato makes his coworkers drink the romantic mixture

Love is in the cups, and maybe the air, as Mr. Sato sees if he can make the SoraNews24 staff fall in love with each other.

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Mr. Sato travels five hours to the Oki Islands to make amends for a 17-year grievance【Photos】

SoraNews24’s Mr. Sato did something unthinkable in the past, but now he’s going to travel by air and sea to make it right again.

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Time to throw on some crotch-accentuating slacks and hit the town!

A trio of our least-unhandsome reporters try out GU’s unusual new pants.

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Yoshinoya celebrates 2,000th store opening by offering local baseball-club-themed foods

Beef bowl fast food chain also ditches trademark colors to don those of popular baseball teams.

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Mr. Sato shares his genius method to have a pork bun on the Shinkansen and eat it too

SoraNews24’s Mr. Sato cracks the recent conundrum of one of the most pungent foods that plague Shinkansen passengers, but you’ll need his bravery and commitment to pull it off.
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The epic tale of Mr. Sato’s new Zozosuit

Join us in a mail order adventure half a year in the making.

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Mr Sato tries the gorgeous new bonsai parfait that everyone’s talking about in Harajuku

The delicious bonsai dessert comes in three different varieties.

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SoraNews24’s Mr. Sato reveals the shocking truth: He’s not really Mr. Sato!

Our reporter reveals his real name, but the bigger shock comes after.

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Mr. Sato gets his bush trimmed at a fancy Tokyo hair salon【Photos】

”I have a good reason for doing this,” our reporter insisted as he stepped out the door wearing his camouflage foliage suit.

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Tokyo’s crazy huge sakura sweet bean bun makes Mr. Sato happier/fuller than we’ve ever seen him

SoraNews24’s crack reporter might miss all cherry blossom season with a food coma, but it’s still worth it to enjoy three kilograms (6.6 pounds) of sweets!

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