Man in Japan orders female store clerk to prostrate herself over misunderstanding with his change

”I’ll kill you! Get down on your knees!” customer orders convenience store cashier.

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Kyoto Aquarium advises teen boy who can’t find a date to become a girl (because of ichthyology)

16-year-old who attends all-boys high school was feeling lovelorn, so the aquarium offered an unorthodox solution.

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Customer from hell terrorizes Japanese convenience store after misunderstanding about cigarettes

Why fix a problem in seconds when you can throw an extended hissy fit instead?

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Japanese police officer admits he was looking at porn on his phone while suspect escaped lockup

“To serve and protect” gets trumped by “to ogle and leer” as violent-crime suspect slips out of detention center.

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Calendar sales of a certain foreign world leader are surpassing those of native stars in Japan

Perhaps even stranger still, this particular person has achieved an almost cult-like status among some Japanese women.

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And now, the story of a smelly fart on a crowded Japanese commuter train

Poor triangulation skills lead to a heated argument with a surprising solution to the mystery.

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Aquarium in Japan encourages guests to call its fish “delicious-looking”

Staff says it takes the audible appreciation of its residents’ imagined flavor as a compliment.

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Japanese news crew “faking” visuals for on-site report gets caught by local, laughed at online

Public broadcaster NHK chose a strange way to show the “waist-deep snow” of this hot spring town in northern Japan.
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Sushi burritos come to Tokyo with the opening of Beeat in Tokyo, and we tried three for ourselves

In the biggest sushi-loving town on the planet, can this unique twist on Japan’s food culture succeed?

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We make eco-friendly instant noodles from the water in Tokyo Bay

You never know when you might need to make yakisoba with raw water, so why not learn how?
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Overly honest Japanese cocktail ad about the effects of getting drunk gets criticized online

The message is accurate, but that doesn’t mean it’s right, critics say.

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Tottori airport serves crab soup from a faucet and… Dammit Seiji, put down that plastic bottle!

Seiji continues his mad quest to make this website FaucetNews24 with his endless makeshift plastic bottle taps.

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Japanese bookstores harassed by people making them say title “My Husband’s D**k Doesn’t Go In”

Sometimes a risque book title results in unintended victims.

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Buttress Pillow: People in Japan go crazy for life-sized huggy butt cushion

Because there’s nothing like sleeping with your face buried in a butt crack.

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Fed-up Japanese city hires a hawk to chase occupying army of crows away from city hall【Videos】

Matsuyama has a difficult bird problem, but now it has an awesome bird solution.

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Japanese cops called in to break up drunken brawl by other Japanese cops who were drunk

Multiple crimes committed during coworkers alcohol-fueled dinner.

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Pager service is finally ending in Japan, but how many people still use them?

Country’s last-remaining pager company announces it’s shutting down its service, but users still have a couple more months to say their good-byes.

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The results are in from our one million-yen stack of Japanese lottery tickets! So, are we rich?

”I did it!” says our reporter, but what was “it?”

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Japanese man pretends to visit Muji stores 5.62 million times in six weeks, gets arrested again

Police say fraudster virtually visited Muji branches on three continents without ever leaving his Hokkaido home.

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