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Anime fan shares ingenious lifehack to hang posters without putting holes in your walls

Cool trick lets you swap posters in seconds, won’t damage the walls of your home or the beautiful anime art.

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Save yourself hundreds of yen at CoCo Ichibanya curry chain through menu mastery!

Taking advantage of the menu options can have you stuffing your face with delicious curry rice, for less.

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The method to save a seat in Japan shows how awesomely safe the country is【Video】

Leaving your belongings unattended to save a seat doesn’t mean you’re sure to lose your stuff, experiment shows.

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An easy way to stop people from stealing your umbrella in Japan, plus put smiles on a few faces

Simple technique requires only a printer, some tape, and maybe an anime reference.

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Can you make instant udon noodles with room-temperature water? We find out

We needed to know if the idea is worth the almost non-existent level of effort.

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Sayonara, soy sauce stains! Sushi restaurant worker reveals easy way to deal with spills

Go ahead, wear that nice white shirt to the sushi restaurant.

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Japanese store shares tip on storing leftover carbonated drinks, Internet shuts it down

To flip or not to flip, that is the question.

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Never misclick on your smartphone again with Japanese Twitter user’s awesome life hack

Tip is a God-send for Net surfers and illustrators alike, and all you need is a pen (but you won’t be using it as a stylus).

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Travel without a suitcase with 13 packing tips from a Japanese pro

Just breeze past that luggage carousel and go right into your vacation!

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Japanese Internet users show off their myriad coffee filter-based life hacks

Coffee filters, is there nothing they can’t do? Yes, but still.

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Fix wet pages in notebooks with this simple lifehack from Japan!

All it takes are two quick and easy steps to make wet notebooks look brand new again.

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Five life hacks from Japan to help combat those summertime ailments with used tea bags

Turns out that tea bags are pret-tea handy!

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Lifehacks for perverts: How to make a pretty bow out of some pretty panties 【Video】

Isn’t this the sort of crucial skill we all should have?

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Never have to deal with tangled earphone cords again with this amazingly effective trick 【Video】

An amazingly simple solution for an extremely aggravating problem.

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Introducing eight nuggets of life wisdom to up your random trivia game

You know that one person who could definitely win Jeopardy because he/she just seems to know everything? RocketNews24 is happy (and a bit smug) to announce that today we’re going to be that person and share with you some tokens of life wisdom that were originally offered up on the Japanese internet. Want to find out the luckiest day of the year, an early warning sign for cancer, and a subconscious way to boost productivity at work? Let us enlighten you!

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4 freezer tips for beating the summer stink from everything from sweaty shoes to rotting garbage

Are Japan’s strict trash collection days getting you down this summer? Are you plugging your nose and counting down the days until the next burnables collection because your garbage is rotting away in the summer heat?

If you’re like me, you hate Japanese summers for a slew of reasons, one of which being all the putrid smells that come with the increased heat and humidity of the sticky summer months. You may also often rush out the door on the morning of burnables collection day and forget to take out your bag of raw and rotting garbage, leaving you to deal with the stench until the next trash collection day rolls around.

But there is a really simple solution to this problem, as well as quick tricks for dealing with other stinky situations like funky-shoe smells and unpleasant, grimy sinks. Find out how after the jump!

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The clean otaku only needs one thing to remove grime from an anime keychain, and it’s not soap

If you’re an anime fan with a treasure trove of merchandise from your favorite shows, you probably take certain precautions to keep your collection looking nice. Putting DVDs or Blu-rays back in their cases when not in use is a no-brainer, as is storing manga and art books in a place where they’re not being bathed in color-fading direct sunlight. You may have even picked up a few advanced techniques, like turning anime T-shirts inside out before washing to extend the life of the print, or using thumb tacks with a large enough head to sandwich the edge of a poster against the wall so you don’t have to put a hole in the paper itself.

But what about the dirt and grime that anime character-shaped rubber keychains and straps accumulate though daily use? Actually, it turns out there’s a simple trick to get them looking like new, and it doesn’t involve any soap.

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A clever new life-hack for selfies? We take a look at the new hands-free method of taking photos

Like them of loathe them, the invention of the selfie-stick has revolutionized how people all over the world are taking photos of themselves. If there is one drawback to this new invention, however, it would have to be that it still requires one hand to hold and snap the photo. But what if you want to strike a cute pose using both of your hands, like throwing up a couple of peace signs or doing cat paws by your face?

Well, a new selfie method has just started showing up, demonstrated by girls posting their photos on the Chinese social networking site Weibo. This might just be the next clever new life hack, but it does require a lot of pedal dexterity!

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Moving to Tokyo? Real estate agent picks five best neighborhoods for single residents

Tokyo is a big place, both in terms of population and area, and if you’re moving here from anywhere else, you might be at a bit of a loss in terms of where to look for an apartment. Obviously, a large part of that decisions is up to personal preference, but we do happen to have some advice for areas to look at if this will be your first time living alone!

These five areas were selected by a local real estate agent, so you know they must be good, right?

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Make your instant coffee 10 times yummier with this one simple trick

If the title of this article sounds a bit too much like one of those clickbait ads, then don’t worry – this is still RocketNews 24! But seriously, we do really have a pretty simple and easy way to make your coffee taste way yummier, and it’s straight from the wisdom of the dad of one of the writers of our sister site, Pouch. You won’t need any fancy Hello Kitty shaped coffee beans to pull this off (especially since I just made up the existence of Hello Kitty shaped coffee beans), just your regular coffee and some water. So, what’s the magic trick?

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