Distressed about heading to the vet, this kitty breaks into fluent Japanese

This Japanese kitty’s got something to say about all this vet business.

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Sakura train ride plays out like a magical scene from a Japanese anime movie

A secret hanami cherry-blossom viewing experience you won’t read about in travel guides.

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Twitter parents in Japan post pics and vids of their child-raising highlights

Kids do the funniest things – good job social media’s here to help broadcast the magic moments!

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A way to savor your anime sweetheart’s scent! Shop clerk helps out a swooning Japanese fangirl

A perfume saleswoman gave this fangirl some great advice to keep her fantasies fueled through fragrances.
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Japanese Twitter users surprised that the Foreign Minister did something cool

It took about a decade, but the Abe administration is finally figuring out how to use Twitter.

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Shiba Inu boss lazes around in flowers while winning Japanese workers’ hearts

Thought your boss’ attitude was bad? At least they don’t lounge around in a pile of flowers all day!

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Amazing laser engraving machine wows Japanese Internet, shows how far science has come

Watch as this laser turns a flat metal surface into a gorgeous, ornate pattern in seconds.
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User’s custom iPhone case imbues it with Fallout-style gritty chic, Japanese industrial aesthetic

When choosing the perfect phone case, why not go for one that’s already survived the wear and tear of the industrial age?

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Cardcaptor Sakura gets a special limited-time Twitter emoji to celebrate cherry blossom season

The beloved anime magical girl is helping flowers bloom on social media.

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Japanese net users speculate on a subtle design feature of the Toyota Prius…related to booze

Whether it was an intentional plan or a coincidental design, these net users’ imaginations have ensued in hilarity.

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Hand-made…hands?! Japanese girl has the perfect, horrible solution to going to the movies alone

Have you ever felt a little…lonely at the cinema? Don’t worry, you can bring your own hand to hold.

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Why women think Tom Hiddleston is the ideal man, according to Japanese Twitter

The looks and achievements of the English actor hint at what women really want in a man.

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Random act of kindness in a Japanese toilet cubicle has us reaching for tissues

If you’ve ever been stranded and desperate in a public bathroom, you’ll recognize the enormity of this stranger’s kindness.

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Japanese net user finds U.S. propaganda film from WWII and draws unusual conclusion

An American wartime propaganda video has one Japanese citizen reflecting on his nation’s societal structure today.

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Ridiculous Japanese anti-drug poster tells would-be addicts to just eat udon instead

We’re not sure if we’re supposed to laugh or cry at this official prefectural poster.

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Super cute Japanese kitty takes a little sip and a shower all at once 【Video】

This cat has some difficulty learning how to drink from the faucet, and it’s too cute to bear!

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Carlos Ghosn leaves jail in workman cosplay, causes hilarious Twitter storm in Japan

Japanese people go crazy for Ghosn’s bad disguise.

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Pikachu carved out of pure butter melts hearts and eyeballs on Twitter

Butter is clearly an artistic medium that had yet to be milked to its full potential.

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Unbelievable deal from Domino’s Pizza Japan makes Wednesday the best day of the week

Net users pile on the praise for what may just be the pizza deal of the century.

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Japanese dads reveal the shocking secret behind their daughters’ “homemade” Valentine’s chocolate

A different kind of love is the secret ingredient here.

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