Mini rice cooker cases: The newest Japanese capsule toys we never knew we needed until just now

Realistic cases are great for storing coins, creating scenes of home life for scale anime figures.

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Too-good-to-be-true fantasy scenario demotivates Japanese commuters who hate their jobs

Supposedly less-than-perfect jobs both sound a lot better than the ones many people actually have.

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Japanese boy band idol prostrates himself in front of police station after marijuana arrest【Vid】

Japan takes celebrity drug use very differently than some other countries.

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Living next door to a stalker: Our Japanese reporter recounts the time her neighbour stalked her

Firsthand account is a cautionary tale for women living alone in Japan.

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We arrive at Pokémon GO Fest 2019 Chicago to up our game, scout out shinies

P.K. Sanjun is in Chicago to enjoy the weather and catch Pokémon, and it just got cloudy.

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What it’s really like to join a Japanese festival and carry a mikoshi around Tokyo for a day

We join the festivities at Suga Shrine, made famous as one of the real-life locations from the hit anime film Your Name

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We try “the best milk soft cream” in Tokyo

As light and airy as a cloud, could this really be the best ice cream in Tokyo? 

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Domino’s Pizza Japan creates abomination out of 2.2 pounds of cheese, we order one immediately

We all dream we could eat a dictionary’s weight in cheese in one serving, but what’s it like in practice? Worry not – we’re here to find out.
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Japanese Kyoto matcha sweets look gorgeous on Instagram, feel gorgeous on the tongue【Taste Test】

You have to go all the way to Kyoto to taste these decorative desserts, but a matcha medley this magnificent more than merits the trip!
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Cosplay in the rain with a Snow White raincoat from Japan

Full length poncho turns rainy days into magical fairytales.

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Japanese men reveal their favorite women’s lingerie colors in survey

Pretty-in-pink panties and bras fall to more sophisticated hues.

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So what does Japan’s new Lawson Tomato Latte drink taste like? We tried it out!

Does tomato plus milk equals deliciousness?

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Nintendo fans in Japan are overjoyed when company tells them their hardware repairs AREN’T free

Gamers are happy to pay repair costs once they find out they’re paying for more than just parts.

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Tokyo Station’s new guidance robot is extremely terrifying, pretty helpful【Video】

Would you rather be frightened or lost? You’ll probably need to pick one.

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Pokémon Company’s profits have grown 1,200 percent in five years, Japanese report says

Apparently “pika pika” translates to “ka-ching!”

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Tired of looking for The One? Try Japan’s new DNA matchmaking service and maybe you’ll find them

Use your DNA to find your perfect match!

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How much do you need to earn every month for a “normal” life in Kyoto? Here’s a sample budget

Fantasizing about relocating to Japan’s ancient capital? Here’s what it’ll cost you per month, and no, a minimum-wage job isn’t going to cut it.

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Hello Kitty rickshaw tours are coming to show you Tokyo in Sanrio style!

Japan’s cute character queen teams up with the coolest way to see downtown Tokyo’s most traditional neighborhood.

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Hard Rock Cafe opening in Kyoto in beautiful machiya townhouse building【Photos】

Music-themed restaurant doesn’t want to rock the boat and instead incorporates local cultural into its design and food items.

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Tokyo Olympics WILL allow you to share photos you take at the Games on social media

Official assures us that posting pics from the Games is A-OK, and clarifies what you’re not allowed to share online.

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