Tonkotsu ramen potato chips coming from Japan’s most popular Hakata ramen chain

Ippudo celebrates its 35th anniversary by thinking outside the box/noodle bowl.

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Wasabeef Wars: mascot change sparks online controversy among potato chip lovers

How does the saying go again? Something something… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

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Japanese student criticised for campaign against excess plastic packaging

Some people in Japan just don’t want to part ways with individually wrapped candy.

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Pikachu-flavor potato snacks pack two different kinds of Thunder Punch【Taste test】

Karamucho! Pokémon chooses you for a collab!

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Muji’s garlic sauce potato chips are perfectly pungent enough to warrant an investigation

Our reporter pulls out all the stops in an attempt the quantify the as-yet-unexperienced olfactory power of these chips. 

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Japan is getting a new for-beer KitKat variety, and beer inspired by KitKats to drink with it

KitKat Snax is for those who want to sip while they snack.

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Add a dash of Kyoto culture to your daily snack with Uji Matcha chocolate-covered potato chips

Get your fix of potato and fine Japanese green tea in the same bite.

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Mister Donut Japan unrolls a new line of sweet and savory breakfast “bread” donuts

Cheesy bread? Mentaiko bread? Mister Donut’s got it now.

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Japanese cookie brand has a fun game for you to play while stuck at home: cookie racing!

Please note that they don’t recommend using the actual cookies.

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To celebrate their birthday, Uniqlo are giving customers presents with their purchases

Getting presents on someone else’s birthday? It’s like a reverse birthday!

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Japan’s Eel Pie manufacturing sector hit hard by effects of COVID-19

Unagi Pie is one of many Japanese cultural treasures struggling under the pandemic.

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Japanese company invents a way to let us “drink” potato chips

Can also be used to turn other snack foods into snack drinks.

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A vending machine where you don’t know what you’re buying until it comes out – we give it a try!

This vending machine has ‘mystery’ written all over it – literally.
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This classic Japanese candy shop is a trove of nostalgic treats, sends us into the past【Photos】

We found a candy store/Showa-era time capsule in Fukuoka, and took lots of photos of its old-timey delights!

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Top ten sweets and snacks you’d eat at a Japanese grandmother’s house

Obaachan knows best, especially when it comes to popular Japanese snacks that have stood the test of time. 

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Delicious AND guilt free – the launch of Apollo yoghurt

Meiji’s new venture into the treat universe is surprisingly low in calories!

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Japanese office snack service begins offering vegan and gluten-free options

Snacking just became a little easier for some workers thanks to one company.

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Japanese snack package craft artist holds first Tokyo exhibition in Ikebukuro, offers autographs

Make sure to guzzle your fill of snacks beforehand, because these sculptures are mouthwatering.
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Mister Donuts Japan to release mouthwatering sweet potato donuts to welcome a delicious autumn

This is why fall is one of the best seasons to come to Japan.

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South Korea’s Honey Butter Mix Nuts snack has us totally addicted

What do you get when you put sweet, salty, and nutty together in one snack? Pure addiction.

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