Sushi fabric maker Maison Sushi adds chic new card and coin cases, shoulder bags to lineup

What’s not to love when the world of fashion is also your sushi?
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Learn about meat cuts with…chocolate?

Getting kids to slow down and really think about the food they eat. 

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What’s for dinner? A US$113/3.3-pound sushi bowl from one of Japan’s favorite cheap restaurants

Kappazushi is usually a friend to our budget…and maybe it still is with the Mega-size Crab and Salmon Roe Sushi Rice Bowl.

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Can’t go to conveyor belt sushi? Major Japanese chain will bring the conveyor belt to you!

Two chefs will also come to your place of choosing, as long as it’s big enough.

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Chef at top Tokyo sushi restaurant wins lawsuit after being fired for maybe having a tattoo

High-end sushi restaurant ordered to pay thousands of dollars in damages.

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Which conveyor belt sushi place’s chawanmushi egg custard is the best? We investigate【Taste Test】

If you skip this sometimes-overlooked part of a traditional sushi restaurant meal, you’re missing out! Read More

Japan’s sushi that’s actually cake fools the eyes, blows the mind, pleases the stomach【Photos】

Clever cake maker thinks of everything, even how to turn the wasabi and ginger that come in a sushi set into proper desserts.

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Stinkiest sushi in the world is now an ice cream flavour in Japan

Is decayed fish still as pungent when it’s turned into sweet ice cream? 

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Salmon sashimi noodles: Terrifying, mouthwatering, or both?【Photos】

Overseas sushi restaurant creates an eye-catching innovation for those with a taste for raw fish and mukbang videos.

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How to make tuna sashimi HAM with less than a minute of work【SoraKitchen】

A whole new way to make maguro, and other kinds of fish, delicious without cooking them.

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Make sushi in seconds with smart ingredient hack from Don Quijote

Lazy cooks can now feel like sushi pros.

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We used the Tobidase! Sushi Maker to make perfect-looking sushi

Make Instagram-worthy sushi from the comfort of your home with this simple tool!

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Japanese revolving sushi restaurant creates solo-diner capsules for a private world of sushi

Perfect for when you’d like to be alone with the fish.

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Sushi tacos now on sale in Japan — Can this cross-cultural cuisine please our biggest taco fan?

After falling in love with tacos in Mexico, our taste tester tests the newest outside-the-box idea from Sushiro.

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A terrifying, tasty Japanese dessert you can make with just two ingredients and a sushi bazooka

Today in the SoraKitchen we’re firing off a gigantic, super easy-to-make yokan.

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How to make your own moving conveyor belt sushi shop at home

Miss going out to eat? Bring the fun home with the help of some takeout and toy trains.

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Preserve your sushi’s form and your dignity with this one easy sushi-eating life hack【Pics】

All this takes is a common ingredient paired with every sushi dish.

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How well does a sushi maker from a 100 yen shop work? We try it and find out!

We’re pleasantly surprised to discover that a 100 yen gadget allows us to make acceptably decent sushi

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50 centimetres (20 inches) of unbridled beefy joy! Eating Tokyo’s extra-lengthy yukhoe sushi

And of course, we got the ‘extra meat’ topping, because the only thing better than meat is MORE meat.

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Japanese revolving sushi restaurant chain stops revolving during coronavirus outbreak

But customers wonder if it will do anything to help the growing health crisis.

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