The Heartwarming Story of a Nepali Curry Shop That Won Over the Hearts and Twitter Followers of Japan

Arguably the most famous Nepali curry shop in Japan is Daisuki Nippon (I Love Japan) in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo.  Since its opening in 2010, this tiny, independently-run restaurant has managed to get attention from all corners of the country in a story that plays out eerily similar to the plot of a Seinfeld episode.

The story begins with shop owner Pradahan Vikas struggling to get anyone to come to his store.  Sometimes he would go the entire day without serving a meal.  Faced with such hard times, Mr. Vikas turned to Twitter to chronicle his worries, unbeknownst to him that they would be the key to his success.

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We Order A Plate Of CoCo Ichiban Curry With Everything On It, Totals $120

Curry House CoCo Ichibanya (referred to as ‘CoCo Ichi’ hereafter) is Japan’s premier Japanese-style curry restaurant chain, with over 1000 shops in Japan and nearly 50 overseas.

One of the secrets to CoCo Ichi’s success is variety: customers can choose the spiciness of the curry, the amount of rice and one or more toppings from a spectrum of delicious ingredients.

Of course, for the indecisive, such variety can make something as simple as ordering a plate of curry a stressful endeavor.

That’s why we recently dispatched our leading culinary research team to test a plate of CoCo Ichi curry with everything on it. After all, if you can’t decide on one flavor, why not try them all?

Check the report below!

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