Japanese conveyor belt sushi restaurant chain makes sushi with the help of artificial intelligence

At least when the machines take over there’ll be good sushi to eat.

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Japanese snack company Calbee unveils new edible sleep aid strips

The snack food giant takes its next step towards manufacturing foodstuffs of the future by harnessing the powers of nature. Read More

Japan is getting apple pie-flavor KitKats with help from a 136-year-old sweets shop

A treat as Aomori-an as apple pie.

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Can’t put your smartphone down when you’re eating? This clever plate has a solution【Photos】

Because no matter what’s for lunch or dinner, it shouldn’t be served with a side of stress.

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McDonald’s Japan’s limited-edition pie pick-me-up: the Love Triangle Choco Pie【Taste Test】

McDonald’s Japan unveils this winter’s interestingly named limited-edition triangle pie.

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Japan’s new Pokémon donuts are here, so let’s eat Pikachu, Chansey, and some Poké Balls【Photos】

It’s time to catch ‘em all at Mister Donut!

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World’s first Eggwich specialty store set to open in Japan

“Don’t Worry, Egg’Wich” delivers a protein hit with eggy buns that are sure to please health-conscious fast food lovers.

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A giant 161-centimeter can of Pringles is exactly the kind of snack system we need【Photos】

The potato chip maker sends us a present to celebrate Pringle’s Day.

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Japanese restaurant has all-you-can-eat juicy fried chicken for LESS THAN A DOLLAR

No, you’re not dreaming and yes, this is real.

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Nissin develops revolution in chewiness with 8-minute instant udon made with “mochi wheat”

“Instant” is relative.

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Do Ippudo’s new tonkotsu ramen potato chips taste as good as their noodles?

Japan’s most popular Hakata ramen chain gives us noodles to go…in potato chip form!

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Melon bread…with meat? A crazy new twist on one of Japan’s favorite baked goods【Taste test】

Melon bread is good. Chashu is good. So melon bread with chashu is…

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Denny’s opens take-out only branch in Tokyo with cheap, tasty Japanese bento boxed lunches

Curry, omurice also on the menu.

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Natural grown peace-sign-shaped potato in Japan is the good omen we all need right now

The first good thing to grow out of 2020.

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Chocolate-covered shrimp snacks make a comeback in Japan this winter

It’s the beloved winter delicacy that fans are pumped for!

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Pokémon doughnuts from Mister Donut are bigger and better than ever this year!

New limited-edition mugs, bowls, Poké Balls and…the arrival of Chansey to get us in the spirit for a “Lucky” Christmas this year.

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Sushi fabric maker Maison Sushi adds chic new card and coin cases, shoulder bags to lineup

What’s not to love when the world of fashion is also your sushi?
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Exploring the tastes and textures of Forbidden Yukimi Toast【SoraKitchen】

Combination of two popular Japanese brands promise a “forbidden” level of tenderness.

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Like owl cafes? How about an owl Chinese restaurant in Yokohama?

Fukuro” can have two meanings, and both apply here.

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McDonald’s Japan now has a double cheeseburger with rice buns, and people are raving about it

We try the limited-edition Gohan Dabuchi that’s got everyone talking.

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