These little-known Japanese plastic bags can be a lifesaver in times of disaster

Unless you live in a handful of prefectures, you’ve probably never even heard of I-wrap, but those who know it swear by it.

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Our reporter goes on a one-night, three-day “Extreme New Zealand Trip” over the weekend

Join our Japanese-language correspondent P.K. Sanjun on his whirlwind time-warping tour of Auckland, which still got him back in time for work on Monday.

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This is what a 10,000-yen (US$90) Unagi Sushi Cake looks like

A beautifully arranged, blissfully huge order of one of Japan’s favorite summertime foods.

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This is what Tokyo’s craziest roast beef ramen looks like…but save room for dessert!

Located in Tokyo’s number one ramen district, this restaurant piles on the wagyu Japanese beef and makes mouthwatering desserts too.

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Is Tokyo hot enough this summer to cook curry on a car dashboard? We find out!

Are laziness, forgetfulness, and Japan’s record-breaking heat the ingredients to a great meal?

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We cook a monjayaki Japanese pancake on the hood of a car during Japan’s hottest summer ever【Vid】

Briquette-free barbecuing as the sun turns the hood of Japan’s cheapest car into a hot plate.

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This gorgeous hot spring is actually part of one of Japan’s most convenient airports【Photos】

New Chitose Airport Onsen isn’t just convenient and gorgeous, it’s an amazingly cheap place to spend the night too!

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Awesome Tokyo cafe’s less-than-a-buck beer is so cheap it’s almost criminal

The name of the restaurant is Coffee Mafia, but it’s the poster for 100-yen beer that has our attention.

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Grumpy Man’s Guide to Tokyo Disney: A bitter ex-fan shares his side of the 35th anniversary gala

Can faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust rekindle P.K Sanjun’s love of Disney? Here’s his experience of the 35th anniversary festivities.
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We try out “instant rice balls”, prepared with water, to see if they’re actually tasty

These rice balls are meant to be cooked easily and to last for a long time…but do they sacrifice flavor for function?

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“Hair Extension Bangs” from a 100-yen store: A bargain to beautify the bald and bereft

Our reporter heads to the discount store in hopes of glamming up his forehead, and shares the whole process in glorious GIF form.
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We go to Kyushu’s Miyazaki Prefecture to feel like giants in (on?) a tiny party train【Photos】

Going slightly loco-motive in the stunning scenery of Japan’s southern Kyushu island, with bubbles!

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Let’s find the Japanese full-face visor best suited for your grandmother or handmaiden

No mature woman’s ensemble would be complete without their own Imperial Guard mask.

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Saying a prayer can open a passage between men’s and women’s baths at this Japanese hot spring

Love can start in the tub at this romantic onsen that puts the power in ladies’ hands.

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Walking under the ocean between two of Japan’s main islands via the Kanmon Pedestrian Tunnel

If you want an unforgettable way to go between Kyushu and Honshu, look no further.

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We interview Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in Japan

The Hollywood movie stars dish the dirt on their relationship and reveal why Chris has a thing for Japanese TV presenter Koji Kato.

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A private onsen bath with a karaoke machine is two of Japan’s best things with zero embarrassment

Go beyond singing in the shower by singing in the hot spring.

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How to put together an earthquake/typhoon preparedness kit at the 100 yen shop

Japan is a country of violent storms and seismic activities, but also amazing discount retailers that can help you deal with natural disasters.

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Testing Japan’s sold-online love potion: Mr. Sato makes his coworkers drink the romantic mixture

Love is in the cups, and maybe the air, as Mr. Sato sees if he can make the SoraNews24 staff fall in love with each other.

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We try out the fifth most popular restaurant among foreigners in Japan: Italian restaurant Nino

Our Japanese-language reporter hadn’t heard of this restaurant, and since it was voted as a top restaurant, she had to check it out.

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